Delta BIC connected lighting system and UVC light disinfection solution lights up a healthy and comfortable environment.
Text by BABG 2022/10

Delta Bluetooth Intelligent Control, BIC sets up an intelligent long-term care center
The Suang-Lien Elderly Center in Sanzhi, Taipei, has been established for more than 20 years and is known as the benchmark for Taiwan’s health care institutions. However, the equipment in this center is gradually aging. The formerly used T8 fluorescent lighting, is not only energy-consuming, but also makes the warm institution feel cold with the pale lighting. Through this cooperation, the center adopts the BIC Connected Lighting System, which adjusts different brightness and color temperature according to the space requirements, and through the digital backend, the energy consumption of each area can be seen and altered at any given time, improving the overall operation management.

Upgrading the lighting equipment usually requires rewiring, which is a big project that can easily put the owner off. Manager Colin Tsai of Delta Electronics, who is in charge of the project, said, "The Suang-Lien Elderly Center has used the most economical and efficient way to upgrade the equipment without causing too much hustle. Providing a more friendly, safe and comfortable environment for the elderly.”

This lighting system is based on the Bluetooth Intelligent Control, and does not require cables. The energy-saving LED lamps can be controlled through Bluetooth signals, with control over brightness and color temperature. Therefore, the lighting system was comprehensively upgraded, providing the elderly with good lighting quality. In the future, the existing wireless communication backbone network for the lighting can also be directly expanded to manage equipment and assets positioning, and even emergency rescue systems, and continue upgrade into an intelligent management.
After the renovation, the Suang-Lien Elderly Center now presents a warm atmosphere.
Delta BIC Connected Lighting System can alter color temperature depending on the requirements.

The Delta U+ Far-UVC Light Care 222® Series creates a high-grade medical environment
In the post COVID-19 era, consumers’ standard for indoor epidemic prevention has raised. Dentistry is the surgical care of the oral cavity. Patients must open their mouths when being treated. While droplet transmission is the main route for transmitting the coronavirus, in order to make patients feel at ease, a well-known dentist in Taipei chose to install Delta’s U+ antibacterial lamp Care 222® to establish and implement high level of epidemic prevention standards and mechanisms.

Dental clinics pay great attention to the "disinfection and cleanliness" of the environment. The instruments used in the diagnosis and treatment will be disinfected in a specially designed space before being taken out for use. Therefore, the Delta U+ Disinfection Solution coincides with the air purifying concept. The Delta U+ Disinfection Solution is installed at the counter, waiting room, and the consultation room. Using the Care222® module patented by Japan's Uhsio, applying ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 222nm, it can penetrate virus and bacterial DNA to achieve bacteriostatic effect. However, when irradiating the human body, this special wavelength will be absorbed by the stratum corneum of the skin and will not penetrate into the inner layer of the skin. Compared with other UV products on the market, it is a safe UV light. 99% of disinfection is completed unknowingly. Reducing disinfection frequency carried out by staff, and the risk of manual operation.
The Delta U+ Disinfection Solution is installed at the counter, waiting room, and the consultation room.