Talent deployment aligned with growth strategy
Diverse methods to retain talents, achieving an impressive employee retention rate
Text by HR Division 2024/06
To continuously strengthen global R&D capabilities and meet the new growth of Southeast Asian business, Corporate HR and HR Division of Delta Thailand (DET) are working together to expand recruitment channels, actively recruit local R&D talents, and provide complete expatriate support. Through multiple seminars on expatriation program, they encouraged outstanding colleagues to embrace a global career. Additionally, in the era of labor shortage, both talent retention and attraction are equally important. Delta's HR in various regions are using diverse methods to achieve an impressive employee retention rate.

Delta Thailand research and development center opened, actively recruiting R&D talents
Delta's research and development centers are located around the world, driving Delta's operational growth and development through innovation and technology. Taiwan, as a key R&D hub for Delta, not only continues to promote its employer brand but also binds outstanding R&D talent through industry-academic cooperation. In recent years, various regions overseas have also increased their R&D investment, providing more opportunities for R&D positions. Delta (Thailand) officially started using its new Plant 8 and Research Center in the Bangpoo Industrial Estate in Thailand in March this year. It will primarily focus on the research and production of EV power electronics products, expecting to create over a thousand job openings. Delta not only expands the employment opportunities for local R&D personnel but also aims to attract outstanding talents from abroad, continuing to strengthen its global R&D capabilities.

To attract R&D talent in Thailand, HR Division of DET actively organizes multiple campus recruitment fairs, special seminars, enterprise visiting, and other activities to engage with targeted students every year, significantly enhancing its employer brand. This year, Corporate HR collaborated with the HR Division of DET to visit prestigious local universities such as Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, and Kasetsart University through the recruitment delegation of the MOEA. Delta deepened its relationships with these universities and organized recruitment events together to attract hundreds of students to interact with HR representatives at the booths and further helped students understand local job opportunities at DET and global job vacancies offered by Delta.
Mr. Charles Chen (second from the right), Global CHRO of Delta, and Mr. Chih-Hao Huang (first from the right), CHRO of DET, taking a photo with representatives from Mahidol University and officials of MOEA's recruitment delegation in front of Delta's booth.
Students in Thailand interacted with HR, showing a great interest in Delta's global job vacancies.

Encouraging colleagues to take on international assignments and providing comprehensive support
In addition to recruiting local research and development talent, Delta also strongly encourages colleagues to seize the opportunity to shine on the global stage of job openings provided by Delta. The monthly HR newsletter includes internal job postings from various regions, encouraging colleagues to apply. For key regions like Thailand, Delta organized four special seminars in March to promote overseas assignments, attracting over 1,100 employees to participate. During these events, the HR manager in Thailand shared the expatriate life with colleagues and answered the questions about qualifications and procedures, fostering effective two-way communication. Moreover, the HR Division of DET has filmed a video inviting colleagues currently stationed in Thailand to share their expatriate experiences, including daily life aspects such as culture, food, accommodation, and entertainment. The videos also showcase the office environment, transportation, and accommodation facilities at the Delta Thailand factory, welcoming more colleagues to join Delta (Thailand).
Four special seminars were held in March to promote overseas assignments, welcoming colleagues to gain expatriate experiences.

Besides actively recruiting talent in Thailand, Delta's colleagues can also choose to be assigned to other overseas sites, such as India, Japan, Europe, and the Americas. Delta conducts a comprehensive annual review on expatriate benefits and allowances to ensure they are competitive with market standards or provide better options. The company makes every effort to increase employees' willingness to accept international assignments by enhancing benefits such as family accompaniment subsidies, children's education allowances, and transportation and housing allowances. These measures ensure that employees  have no worries while working abroad, promoting talent mobility and development across different regions.

Retention and recruitment are equally important: diverse methods of talent retention across all regions
Delta continues to implement talent recruitment strategies by combining headquarters with local strategies to establish an international talent network. At the same time, Delta adopts targeted retention measures for key talents in various regions, continuously improving the starting salary standards and overall compensation levels, and actively promoting internal transfers and increasing rotation opportunities. Delta's global R&D team has an employee retention rate of 92% within three years of employment, demonstrating impressive talent retention. The HR Division will enable employees to embrace global careers through various systems and comprehensive support, in line with Delta’s employer brand proposition of "Keep Exploring".