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Text by Brand Management Division 2024/04

In March, Delta participated in the widely anticipated NVIDIA GTC AI conference, where we are honored to be the only invited power and thermal management solutions provider to showcase a smart manufacturing digital twin platform developed on NVIDIA Omniverse. Furthermore, we also demonstrated Delta’s latest product technologies applied in AI data centers and GPUs to the international professionals. Delta remains optimistic about the potential of the AI server, electric vehicle, charging station, and microgrid markets, and has been actively establishing manufacturing sites overseas in recent years. In late March, Delta Plant 8 and R&D Center in Thailand were officially opened, focusing on the production and development of EV power electronics products to further expand Delta’s global business strategy in the EV industry. In this issue of the Brand News Bi-Monthly, we will share with you the latest important achievements of the Group.

To propel the next stage of growth, Delta has adjusted its business portfolio to four major business categories in 2024 and restructured the organization. In order to provide colleagues with a better understanding of the company’s future prospects, “Brand News Bi-Monthly” has established a special column, “Delta Insights,” featuring interviews with senior executives. We look forward to exploring more insights with all of you. In this issue, we interviewed Mr. Jimmy Yiin, Executive Vice President of Global Business Operations (GBO), to learn how he has led the newly formed GBO over the past year, facilitating regional communications, resource integration and blueprint planning across regions.

Digitalization trends, such as 5G and AI, are rapidly reshaping the demand for data centers across industries. Prefabricated data center solutions, featuring rapid deployment, are becoming increasingly popular in the market for their high flexibility and adaptability. Delta has accumulated extensive experience in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) infrastructure, with services ranging from providing single solutions to data center construction. In this issue’s “Special Report,” we introduce recent successful cases in Europe and Australia, showcasing how Delta deploys prefabricated data center solutions of different scales to help expand the business of customers in various fields.

Delta has long been committed to sustainable development. In view of rapid changes in global sustainability trends, heightened customer concerns, and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for sustainability information disclosure, cultivating cross-departmental sustainability talent has become crucial. In “Sustainable Development” column, we will take you through Delta’s efforts in promoting global ESG career development and creating a dedicated talent cultivation roadmap for sustainability professionals. Through comprehensive training programs, effective ESG content communication, and cross-department collaboration, Delta is gradually achieving its sustainability goals.

Delta’s coral restoration efforts continue to make international progress. The Delta Electronics Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding for international collaboration on heat-resilient coral research with Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium in the United States, Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, and Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Taiwan. This marks the first step in expanding overseas, facilitating Taiwan’s alignment with international standards. To learn more about the future movement of Delta’s coral restoration efforts, please stay tuned to the “Brand Circle” in this issue.


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