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As fall approaches, Europe begins to prepare for an energy crisis this upcoming winter. Germany has issued energy-saving orders to turn off lighting at night in public structures such as landmarks and monuments. France has required companies to appoint energy-saving ambassadors to negotiate plans for reducing energy use. The tightening energy crisis has become a major challenge for European nations. In this issue, we will share Delta’s recent success stories and ESG initiatives as concrete proof of our commitment to innovation, providing customers with various smart energy-saving solutions, and promoting sustainable transformation with technology. 

Delta has focused on the European market for many years, promoting uninterruptible power supply and data centers infrastructure solutions. Its efforts have recently bore fruit. Due to the dramatic increase in network traffic demand in the Baltics, "Special Report" will introduce you how Delta's uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions have helped Greenergy Data Centers, Europe's leading provider of colocation and connectivity services, build local largest data center, providing customers with reliable services, and further developing e-commerce and digital life.

Delta continues to invest in product research and development, as well as technological innovation. With the expansion of the company's footprint and its diversified business units, comprehensive legal risk control and intellectual property management are more important than ever. In "Brand People" we have specially interviewed Mr. Karl Yeh, the Chief Legal Officer who joined Delta this April. He shares how more than 100 members of the legal team spread around the world work together to support the company's strategy. He also talks about his unique approach for strengthening the company's patents and fostering cross-departmental exchanges and cooperation, so don’t miss out.

The growth and future goals of the company are closely related to the talent development strategy. In recent years, the Delta Human Resource Team has launched identification and development programs for talents working on solution business and leaders of new business department as Delta has become a solutions provider. In addition, the human resource team has come up with a new framework this year for the development of full staff training and enhancing staff experience. "Employer Brand" will take you to explore the unlimited growth possibilities that Delta provides.

This issue's "Sustainable Development" invites you to join us for the coral restoration project which has launched for one year. The first phase of the project has been completed, and coral reefs have been transplanted into Chaojing Bay Resource Conservation Area in northern Taiwan. The corals restored with the assistance of Delta's LED lights have also been included in the transplant. It is expected that the target of 1,000 coral reefs will be met before the end of this year. Recently, Delta continued the momentum generated by the BBC Blue Planet II live in concert held last year on its 50th anniversary, showing BBC's equally acclaimed classic documentary, Planet Earth II. Delta's ultra-high 8K resolution DLP laser projector displayed images of ecological beauty and nature's magnificence on an 800-inch screen. By providing this audio-visual feast, we hope to urge the public to focus on the reduction of biodiversity.


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