In 2022, Delta started its second 50 years. Since announcing 2010 as the Brand Inauguration Year, we continue to build a superior brand image with more innovative and broad thinking. In recent years, Delta has been actively developing the electric vehicles charging, smart buildings, micro-grids, and renewable energy solutions, and the results are gradually blossoming. CEO, Mr. Ping Cheng expects that, in the future, Delta will branch out from an industrial brand to a commercial brand, committing to providing customers with a healthier, more comfortable, and safer quality of life. Based on this belief, Delta launched a new corporate identity this April with an upgrade of visual elements. It is to highlight our innovative and energy-efficient solutions as well as our commitment to building a human-centric sustainable city. In this issue of the "Special Report", as a breath of fresh air, we will have a complete introduction.


Brand-new corporate identities have been unveiled in advance for global campus recruitment. Since March, the Human Resources Division has launched a series of recruitment activities to attract talented people from all over the world. In addition to continuously promoting the newly-developed key visual "Keep Exploring" and integrating online and offline activities, they successfully created buzz and enhanced brand exposure to draw more attentions. Besides, in Delta's R&D centers at university campus, the space design also applies new identity elements to create a fresh and bright R&D environment which is desirable for students and further deepens Delta's employer brand image. Don’t forget to check out more content.


The topic of electric vehicles continues to draw much public interest, and since 2019, Delta (Thailand) has been working with Nissan (Thailand) to develop fast charging and charging management for electric vehicles. Recently, they launched an electric vehicle charging station test experience in the ASEAN market, which is immensely attractive to local customers. At the latest Winter Olympics in Beijing, Delta's 8K projection flawlessly presented the opening live broadcast and many exciting games. Meanwhile, Delta's display team used 4K+2K projection to demonstrate over 200 famous paintings by 24 masters from the Renaissance period, creating the largest immersive projection experience in Taiwan! "Brand Circle" is going to share Delta's successful stories with you.


Do you enjoy binge-watching? Audio and video streaming services have become a new medium for viewing and have caused a surge in internet traffic. However, the energy consumption and carbon emissions of binge-watching has reignited the controversy. In this issue of "Delta Green Life", we are going to take a look at the analysis of the International Energy Agency (IEA) as well as climate media to share how to make binge-watching more eco-friendly! The "Sustainability" will introduce you two self-produced environmental documentaries by Delta, "Life in the Coral Reefs" and " Swimming with Humpback Whale", which respond to the "2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" proposed by the United Nations in 2015 on the issue of climate change. Delta actively implements and takes action on the SDGs and we invite everyone to join us.





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