From the Editor
Text by BMD 2023/06

The AI wave is sweeping across the globe, and technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace. At the end of May, Delta participated in the annual global technology event, COMPUTEX. We value the opportunity to engage in face-to-face communication with partners and attendees as the exhibition recovers. This year, Delta presents a new brand value proposition: "Realizing an Intelligent, Sustainable and Connecting World" We have designed an "Intelligent Sustainable Connecting Hub" to showcase the information management center of the intelligent park. It provides a multifunctional management platform including carbon footprint assessment and renewable energy matching, creating a low-carbon and energy-efficient industrial space for park users. We invite you to experience Delta's latest solutions in our exhibition area through this issue of "Brand Circle."

Delta's technological achievements have been solid and robust, thanks to the founder, Mr. Bruce Cheng's unwavering dedication to technology and his expectations for Delta. He often mentions Professor "Lee Ze-Yuan," who has served as the head of the "Delta Power Electronics Laboratory" for over 30 years, assisting Delta in continuous development of innovative products in the field of power electronics. In “Special Report”, we are honored to have Dr. Lee Ze-Yuan for an interview, where he shares his journey of collaboration with Delta. The interview also reveals heartwarming stories of his acquaintance with the founder, Mr. Cheng, and their collaboration. It is a sincere and touching experience that you shouldn't miss.

In addition to the latest technology, the issue of "climate change is also of global concern to businesses and governments. In early May, I had the privilege to represent Delta and attend the "5th International Conference on Net-Zero and Energy Policy" jointly organized by the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) and the Center for Asia-Pacific Partnership (CAPS) in Seoul. More than 300 global climate leaders and representatives from the business, government, and academic sectors gathered to share Delta's experiences and opportunities in response to the net-zero trend, starting with energy-saving technologies. In recent years, Delta has also prioritized the issue of biodiversity and, compared to many domestic and international companies, has included "biodiversity" in its sustainability strategy at an earlier stage. Delta is involved in coral restoration, responding to global biodiversity goals, and making continuous efforts to protect and promote biodiversity. This issue of the bi-monthly magazine offers rich and diverse content that is worth savoring.

Recently, there was a vibrant exhibition called "Earth Pulsing - Nurturing Life Exhibition" at the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung, Taiwan. Visitors can experience immersive 4K images surrounded by marine life, appreciate the coral conceptual creations of land artists, and even have the opportunity to personally interact with corals, adopt and nurture coral seedlings, and contribute to ecological conservation. Follow the beautiful scenes reported and join us in visiting the exhibition. Our colleagues in Taiwan may consider visiting the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology during Golden Week holiday to personally experience the beauty of nature and ecology.

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