Discovering cloud to edge AI: Delta showcases AI-related solutions at COMPUTEX 2024
Text by BMD 2024/06
In 2024, the world entered the era of a flourishing AI industry. At the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2024 in early June, Delta transformed its booth into a large-scale data center with the theme "Discovering Cloud to Edge AI." The booth showcased Delta's solutions and advanced technologies from the Cloud to the Edge. This issue's "Special Report" offers a glimpse into Delta booth design with a tour that reveals the secrets behind AI. It will provide you with an understanding of Delta's crucial role and capabilities in the field of AI.

The COMPUTEX show, hailed by the media as the strongest in history, opened on June 4th. On the first day of the exhibition, hundreds of professionals, investors, and media from both domestic and international backgrounds were drawn to visit the Delta booth. Mr. Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, also made a special visit to the already crowded booth, adding to the bustling atmosphere. Delta's Chairman and CEO Mr. Ping Cheng, Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, and General Manager of the Power and System Business Group Mr. Ares Chen, personally welcomed Mr. Huang and showcased the debut of a 19-inch (1RU) 33 kW power shelf, specifically designed for the NVIDIA Blackwell platform. As a memento, Mr. Jensen Huang autographed the power shelf.
Mr. Ping Cheng, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Mr. Ares Chen, and Mr. Jensen Huang took a group photo at the booth.

Comprehensive AI-driven solutions
At the press conference, Mr. Ping Cheng shared that Delta is in a unique position to support the rapid rise of the AI industry with substantial energy conservation. Delta’s broad spectrum of power, cooling, ICT and energy infrastructure solutions are enabling superior energy efficiency within the entire grid-to-chip power delivery process in AI data centers, even at the server rack stage and at the board level where AI chips operate. Delta looks forward to cooperating even further with customers to ensure that the AI sector grows in line with mankind’s sustainability goals.

This year, Delta’s booth design is quite different from the past. Ms. Shan Shan Guo mentioned that the booth design represents a large-scale AI data center with the actual width and height of server racks. This year’s showcase includes a prefabricated containerized data center and also features critical stages where Delta's power and thermal management solutions enhance the power management and cooling efficiency of AI data centers. By showing applications from the cloud to the edge, Delta demonstrated how AI technologies enhance productivity and the user experience.
This year, Delta transformed its booth into a large-scale data center.

Data center infrastructure
The front of Delta booth's large-scale data center featured prefabricated power train units and an all-in-one prefabricated data center solution on both sides. In the face of the rapidly growing demand for data center construction, prefabricated power train units (PTU) can provide more than 1.7 MW of power within just a 40-foot container. Combining the all-in-one prefabricated data center solution integrates the infrastructure and IT equipment of the data center into the container to meet the rapid deployment and high scalability requirements of customers. Delta possesses deep expertise and experience in power infrastructure planning, which it has already implemented in more than 200 projects worldwide.

Liquid cooling solutions, driven by the high computing power of AI data centers, have become mainstream. Delta showcased its Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) solution that boasts high cooling density 2.5 times better than air cooling, with minimal (< 3%) power consumption. This solution does not require raised floors or facility piping, and it can be easily integrated into existing racks and fan walls, resulting in significant cost savings from capital expenditure. In addition, Delta’s Coolant Distribution Unit (CDU) solution is capable of handling the cooling needs of dozens of high-density racks simultaneously, and coping with the large amount of heat generated by AI computing. Furthermore, Delta has launched its latest iDCIM solution that combines 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, and provides effective one-stop management for data centers and buildings.
Delta showcased its Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) solution and an all-in-one prefabricated data center solution.

AI power supply, thermal management, and passive components
The booth displayed Delta's leading-edge technologies in power supplies, thermal management, and passive components, highlighting Delta's capability for meeting the rigorous requirements of power and heat dissipation from AI servers and chips. For AC/DC power supplies in server racks, Delta exhibited rack-mounted power supplies compliant with the ORV3 (Open Rack v3) standard. This includes the debut of 66kW and 33kW rack-mounted power supplies boasting energy efficiency as high as 97.5%, making them the mainstream for the next generation of AI servers. To meet the DC/DC power conversion requirements of AI chips, Delta featured a portfolio of DC/DC converters with output power ranging from 200W to 2,000W, with a maximum efficiency up to 98.5%. Its visionary chip vertical power supply technology showcased at this event improves energy efficiency by 5-15% (compared to traditional lateral power delivery) by minimizing the power transmission path. Delta has also successfully developed power inductors that incorporate patented design and materials to offer excellent current endurance and low energy loss, making them the ideal passive components for voltage conversion at the board level.
The booth showcased Delta's leading-edge technologies in power supplies, thermal management, and passive components.

Edge AI and AI applications
To embrace the AI PC era, Delta also introduced a series of premium power supplies, including the industry's first and currently only gaming laptop adapter that features a maximum 400W power output. The ultra-thin heat dissipation module solutions integrate Step VC and Slim Flat-End Heat Pipe with the high-efficiency Slim Fan designed with the latest turbo blade and three-phase motor. This provides highly modularized, ultra slim and highly efficient thermal module solutions for AI PCs. The “VORTEX AI Surveillance Cloud Service” showcased its application in data center scenarios. It utilizes advanced Edge AI image analysis technology to automatically detect abnormal behaviors such as movement paths, loitering, intrusion, crossing lines, and the appearance or disappearance of objects, and then promptly sends alerts. Its cloud architecture enables seamless integration with other security solutions, enhancing access control and providing comprehensive security protection.
Regarding Edge AI, Delta showcased premium power supplies and thermal module solutions for AI PCs.

AI applications include integrating the human-centric concept into the AIDEN service robot, enabling it to move freely and perform delivery and visitation tasks accurately within urban buildings. In addition, an enterprise-level knowledge Q&A robot incorporates large language models, which can be utilized for product customer service, knowledge retrieval, and other services. It supports multiple file formats and chart analysis functions. With the widespread implementation of AI across various industries, Delta has also developed a range of new automation applications utilizing AI. This year, Dr. Tzi-cker Chiueh, general director of the Delta Research Center, was invited to deliver a keynote speech at the highly anticipated thematic forum of COMPUTEX. He presented on the topic of How AI Revolutionizes Automation Applications, and shared how Delta leverages AI technology to develop innovative automation applications, unlocking new possibilities for the industry.
Dr. Tzi-cker Chiueh was invited by TAITRA to deliver a keynote speech at the thematic forum of COMPUTEX. The venue for keynote speech was packed to capacity.

Under the theme "Discovering Delta’s Cloud to Edge AI”, the booth featured Delta's solutions and advanced technologies from the Cloud to the Edge, attracting a constant stream of visitors every day until COMPUTEX 2024’s successful conclusion. Delta will continue to utilize its expertise in energy efficiency to advance the development of the AI industry for our customers and partners, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of energy-saving sustainability in cloud computing and edge applications.

Delta @ COMPUTEX 2024
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COMPUTEX Keynote – How AI Revolutionizes Automation Applications
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Delta’s AI-related solutions attracted attention, with a constant stream of visitors at the booth every day.