Delta partners with Asia University to host special exhibition on ecology and art
Text by Delta Foundation 2022/10

Asia University and Delta Electronics Foundation co-hosted the “Earth Pulsing- Nurturing Life Exhibition”, which was the first major exhibition in Taiwan that combines ecology and art. The exhibition features the BBC’s epic ecological film “Planet Earth II” and two of Delta's self-produced 8K ecological documentaries that won the gold award at the 55th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival. With Delta's 8K projector providing ultra-high resolution, the audience would be able to experience an immersive image. The physical part of the exhibition showcased paintings by contemporary Taiwanese artists such as Hsien-Erh Chiang, Ming-Chang Huang, En-Sheng Yang, and Tzu-Chi Yeh, who explored natural art, as well as immersive light art by the College of Creative Design at Asia University. This exhibition was an innovation in that Delta donated green power to provide all the electricity needs for the four-month exhibition period, and worked with Asia University to create an exhibition that uses 100% renewable electricity.
Mr. Bruce Cheng, Founder of Delta Group (second from left), Mr. Chang-Hai Tsai, Founder of Asia University (second from right), Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Vice Chairman of Delta Foundation (first from right), and Mr. Jin-Fa Tsai, President of Asia University (first from left) attended the opening ceremony of“Earth Pulsing- Nurturing Life Exhibition”.

The climate report released by the IPCC of the United Nations clearly indicated that climate change caused by human activities had impacted all corners of the world, making many species extinct in silence. Delta hoped to show everyone the rich biodiversity and natural wonders of the earth through this exhibition. In addition, the exhibition also featured the Foundation's marine conservation initiative, which used bamboo weaving to recreate an art installation called "The Birth" on the Northeast coast. The egg-shaped appearance symbolized the protection for the birth of corals and introduced Delta's commitment to coral restoration, hoping to raise awareness of ecological issues.

Delta also held a special Delta Family Day during the exhibition. On August 13, nearly 300 employees and their families from various factories gathered at the Asia University Museum of Modern Art to enjoy the lifelike marine images, and Delta's diving volunteers were invited to speak about the exhibition. Delta's coral restoration initiative began in 2020, when Delta's dive volunteers experienced the pale moment when the beautiful coral lost its color and felt the urgent crisis of coral bleaching. They also called on everyone, whether they know how to dive or not, to practice environmental protection and energy conservation in their lives, and allow the opportunity to restore the health of the ocean.
Employees' families from various plants gathered on Delta Family Day to concern ocean issues.

In recent years, global warming and environmental conservation have become important issues around the world. “Earth Pulsing- Nurturing Life Exhibition” combined images with art, allowing everyone to share the beauty of Taiwan and cherish the earth. Until November 20, all Delta employees with valid employee IDs would receive free admission to the exhibition and an unlimited number of friends and relatives would be able to enjoy a discounted ticket price of NT$100.