Delta GreenTech China commences green power trading in Anhui Province, China
Text by Public Affairs Department 2023/02

Under the guidance of the Management Committee of Wuhu Area of Anhui Pilot Free Trade Zone and the Development and Reform Commission of Wuhu City, Delta GreenTech China (Wuhu) entered into a green power procurement agency agreement with a power sales company recently, becoming one of the first pilot enterprises of green power trading in Anhui Province. According to the agreement, Delta GreenTech China (Wuhu) purchased a total of 5.8 million kWh of green power from September to December this year, of which 1.54 million and 1.32 million kWh of green power were actually used in September and October, respectively. According to the relevant regulations in the "Manual of Green Power Certificate Trading" of the Anhui Power Trading Center, Delta GreenTech China (Wuhu) will receive the Green Power Consumption Certificate issued by the Beijing Power Trading Center and the Green Power Certificate issued by the National Renewable Energy Information Management Center after completing the green power trading. Delta is taking practical actions in response to the "peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality" goals and is steadily moving towards achieving 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutrality for all global grids by 2030.Delta GreenTech China (Wuhu) is taking practical actions in response to the "30·60 peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goals through the development strategies including self-built solar power systems and the purchase of green power.

Zhiping Wang, the Chairman of Delta's Mainland China Sustainable Development Committee said that, in practical response to the "30·60 peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality goals", the operating grids of Delta China continue to expand the proportion of renewable energy use. After the launch of the green power trading pilot program in mainland China, Delta has actively participated in such initiative with all three plants in Wujiang, Dongguan and Wuhu, which already taking part in the local green power trading. It is expected to generate more than 80 million kWh of green power in 2022. Through the development strategies including voluntary energy conservation and carbon reduction, self-built solar power systems, and the purchase of green power or renewable energy certificates, the overall percentage of renewable electricity use of Delta's operating grids in mainland China reached 89.8% in 2021. Among which, the annual power generation capacity of the rooftop solar power system exceeded 16 million kWh, representing a decrease of 12,900 tons of CO2 emissions.

In 2021, Delta implemented a stringent energy management and carbon management system worldwide to formally incorporate renewable electricity targets into the performance indicators of regional heads, and formulated Delta's internal carbon pricing for energy conservation projects and renewable electricity acquisition.  In 2021, Delta implemented a total of 285 energy conservation programs at its global sites, saving a total of 39.14 million kWh of electricity and reducing carbon emissions by 28,000 tons; self-generating over 30 million kWh of solar power for self-use; purchasing 13 million kWh of green power; and procuring over 370 million kWh of RE100-approved renewable energy certificates. The proportion of renewable electricity use in the global grids reached 55%.