Delta presents its energy-efficient solutions at SPS Nuremberg and Electronica 2022
Text by EMEA 2023/02

Delta showcases its fully-integrated hardware & software solutions for IIoT at SPS Nuremberg 2022 
Delta exhibited a wide range of smart, energy-efficient and highly integrated industrial automation hardware and software solutions engineered for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications at SPS Nuremberg 2022. The demonstration includes Delta’s new Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Dashboard tool - DIACloud Digital Dashboard - which offers remote visualisation of cloud data for a broad range of applications; and a new IIoT function card for the PLC series to enable various IIoT applications.

“A lot of our customers are now investing in the IIoT,” said Roetger Sander, deputy director of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region. “Open platform communications united architecture (OPC UA) is a standard that many customers have chosen to work with. We’re excited that the new products we’re bringing to SPS is meeting the open OPC UA standard and can support a wide range of IIoT applications.”Delta showcases its fully-integrated hardware & software solutions for IIoT at SPS Nuremberg 2022

IIoT Cloud-based Platform - DIACloud Digital Dashboard
This new Software as a Service (SaaS) Digital Dashboard tool offers remote visualisation of cloud data. It makes all applications and machines easily and securely accessible from the web, for increased user flexibility and convenience. It is ideally suited to machine builders and applications that require remote connectivity, such as pump applications that have variable frequency drives.

Compact modular mid-range PLC AS series with New IIoT function card
Delta extends its high performance PLC AS series with the new AS-FFTP01 function card to enable various IIoT applications to extend the capability of the applications powered by Delta’s PLC AS300. The function card provides support for OPC UA, and offers increased connectivity with SCADA systems and MQTT for sharing filed data with cloud applications.

Delta’s power and thermal management solutions take centre stage at Electronica 2022 
Delta participated at Electronica 2022, the world's leading trade fair and conference for electronics, to demonstrate its wide portfolio of innovative and energy-efficient power and thermal management solutions. The offering included Delta’s 1U power shelf for telecom and data center applications, which features the new 80 PLUS Titanium Gallium Nitrate (GaN) Configurable Power Supply with energy efficiency over 96%. Innovative wireless charging solutions developed by Delta, such as the MOOVair wireless charging system for industrial automated guided vehicles (AGV) was also key highlight at the show.

Commenting on its presence at Electronica, Sean Tan, Vice President of Power Electronics, Delta Electronics EMEA Region, said: “Against the backdrop of the global energy and environmental crisis, there is a heightened awareness of the need to conserve energy and to use it more efficiently. Electronica presents an ideal platform for Delta to demonstrate how its energy-efficient solutions support a more sustainable future.”Delta’s power and thermal management solutions take centre stage at Electronica 2022

80 PLUS Titanium Configurable Power Supply (GaN)
IT equipment and data centers are essential to all business nowadays. To ensure the stable operation of data centers, Delta presents high efficiency, high reliability 1U power shelf with the latest 80 PLUS Titanium Configurable Power Supply (GaN). The power supply adopts fully digital control design with GaN technology for optimal efficiency above 96% (higher than 80 PLUS Titanium standard).

MOOVair 1 kW wireless charging system
The MOOVair wireless charging system is an innovative industrial charging solution for automated industrial electric-driven vehicles. Featuring a 1,000 W output power, peak efficiency of 93%, and contactless power transmission over a gap of up to 20 mm.