The Delta solar building design competition published nearly 500 excellent designs
Text by Publics Affairs Division 2022/08

As a branded competition based on the concept of "renewable energy building applications", the Delta competition has been held for 10 years. In total, 9,345 teams from around the world have participated and 1,873 effective designs have been submitted. The themes of the competition covered beautiful country villages, urban residences, sunny elementary schools, kindergartens, and low carbon communities, reflecting the actual needs of society. Currently, the database contains 483 award-winning designs from 9 competitions between 2005 and 2020. It contains competition recaps, professional team introductions, and analyses of excellent designs. In the design analyses, in addition to design information and expert critique, there is the commentary function, allowing readers and award-winning teams to conduct exchanges and inspire more creative ideas. 
The founder and honorary chairman of Delta, Bruce Cheng, stated that Delta started to support the competition in 2006 to help more people understand the giant potential of carbon reductions in buildings. Green buildings do not only conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions, they can more effectively regulate climate resilience. The platform also aims to cultivate new talents to create a green future together.

In response to the dual carbon policy and to promote green buildings, the Solar Building Design Competition has accumulated a database of excellent designs over more than 10 years.

At the same time, Delta has organized the second series of "Moving Towards Energy Producing Buildings" online lectures. The topic of the series was integrated solar power buildings (PV/T) technological applications. Lecturing Professor Ji Jie of University of Science and Technology of China and Professor Yen-Jun Dai of Shanghai Jiao Tong University were invited to speak. They introduced the high performance applications of PV/T heat pumps through the sharing of multiple cases. They provided a direction for the future of low carbon building operations and the realization of energy producing buildings. A total of 1157 watched the online lectures on the day and the audience and organizing committee responded positively to the event.

The reader can access the design database through the competition's official website ( or click on "design database" or scan the QR code in the "Official Competition WeChat Account" (International Solar Building Design Competition). Design database link: