Delta’s Electric Servo Press leads with smart upgrades for quality and efficiency optimization
Text by IABG 2022/08

Smart manufacturing is an inevitable trend for enhancing productivity and managing production cost efficiency through advanced technology adoption. However, newly expanded equipment features usually add to the workload of front-line operators. To overcome this dilemma, machine intelligence and intuitive management have become hot topics for industry. Manufacturers have their eyes on the new-generation machines with intelligence, precision, and friendly user interfaces, especially for common types of machines used in factories, such as servo presses, to accelerate company business transformation. 

The Delta Electric Servo Press features intelligence, high precision, digitization, and energy saving in line with smart manufacturing trends. The force data directly transmits to inverters based on closed-loop control for short circuits and fast response. It reduces the delay time to 0.2ms. Meanwhile, the built-in sensors can collect position, pressure, speed and time data for the back-end system, such as Delta PC software, to record, store, track, and automatically generate various reports. Onsite personnel can set the machines with specific parameters through the Manufacturing Executive System (MES) and access the data for setting reset, recipe switch, and quality stability enhancement. The quantitative data helps admins schedule maintenance to avoid production impacts caused by sudden anomalies or shutdowns. When the pressure forces or angle deviations exceed the settings, Delta’s Electric Servo Press will automatically shut down and send alarms to notify the admin and avoid the continuous production of defects. In terms of integration capability, the Delta Electric Servo Press not only links with multiple mainstream Fieldbuses but also connects to EtherNet with TCP/IP to help system integrators converge OT and IT systems with ease.

Along with function expansion and enhancement, Delta is dedicated to simplifying operations to help manufacturers increase productivity and reduce manual workload at the same time with its smart and friendly user interfaces. Manufacturers can choose from Standard Type S series and Unite Type E series based on their needs. The S Series is a comprehensive press product for direct adoption, while the E Series is an option for system integrators to build customized structures for end users. Both series are suitable for pressing applications for gearing components, motor-driven machines, metal parts, and electrical parts. The ideal first step is for manufacturers to build smart factories and maintain expandable flexibility to meet future requirements while optimizing resources and set a solid foundation for company business transformation.

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The Delta Electric Servo Press integrates IT and OT technologies. It collects data via peripheral devices and uploads it to the back-end system and records, stores, tracks, auto-generates various reports, and connects to the MES through PC software to achieve the smart manufacturing vision.