Combating the pandemic with Delta, let cross-functional solutions protect our health
Text by DGC 2022/06
With the ongoing severe pandemic of Omicron, several places across China have emergently started constructing Fangcang shelter hospitals. During the battle to fight for time, for the environment, and for everyone's life and health, Delta's cross-functional solutions provide smart building and UPS to help protect the "shelter of life"!

Hefei Fangcang shelter hospital introduces Delta's Building Automation Solution
With the stunning spread of the Omicron virus, an unventilated environment such as the Fancang shelter hospital would speed up the virus's production, reproduction, spread, and mutation. Not to mention the bacteria carried by the patients and the medical waste in the hospital. Therefore, ventilation is critical.   In two Fangcang shelter hospitals located at the previous Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center, 2080 beds, 10 nurse stations, 6 consultation rooms, 200 temporary toilets, and 110 shower rooms are available. The construction of Hefei Fangcang Shelter Hospital started on March 22; Delta Controls' Eastern China Team immediately headed to the site upon notification on the morning of March 25, beginning with the design of pipeline construction drawings and introducing Delta's Smart Building Solution and Fresh Air System for the ventilation in the hospital.

Delta Controls is paired with the hospital's Fresh Air System and ventilation system for a "centralized management and decentralized control".

Delta Controls' enteli system controller and the management platform entelieWEB are paired with the hospital's Fresh Air System and ventilation system for a "centralized management and decentralized control". Delta Controls installed enteli system controllers on 1,000 points based on the hospital's scale to ensure the operation of each equipment under control and DDC. Also, the operation status is collected on the management platform enteliWEB for the control personnel to precisely control each piece of equipment.

Delta helps prevent the interruption of power supply in Xuzhou Fangcang shelter hospital
A Fangcang shelter hospital was planned to be located in three auditoriums of Huaihai International Expo Center in Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province as commissioned, with 2,000 beds available. The construction is estimated to be completed by the middle of April. Upon receiving the UPS request from Xuzhou Fangcang shelter hospital in early April, Delta GreenTech China (DGC) immediately initiated its off-site assistance plan. DGC completed the deployment and shipping in the shortest time, sending a designated vehicle from Nanjing to deliver an Ultron HPH 30kVA UPS and the complete system, including the battery, battery cabinet, and battery testing unit to the highway entrance toward Xuzhou which was already locked down. Also, local staff rushed to the site for the installation and testing of UPS to ensure the construction was going well.

The Ultron HPH series UPS installed in Xuzhou Fangcang shelter hospital by Delta provides a reliable and stable power supply for network communications and the video surveillance system.

The network communication device is essential for the hospital's operation, which builds a network communication system for highly efficient processing of medical data for medical staff, solving the communication issue among departments of medical care, testing, and medicine. The video surveillance system plays an important role in the timely monitoring of personnel status in the quarantine areas to control and reduce the risks of infection.

The Ultron HPH series not only is reliable but also offers full-rated power, 96% AC-AC efficiency, and 99% energy-saving mode efficiency. It features outstanding convenient maintenance, and supports stand-alone, N+X, or hot standby configurations, providing an energy-efficient and more flexible power supply for the hospital, avoiding any occasional, short-lived power interruptions that may cause damage to medical and quarantine staff.