Driving to the sustainable future: Delta showcases transportation solutions at E-Mobility Taiwan
Text by BMD 2024/06

This year, Delta showcased its vision for smart transportation featuring electric four-wheelers, electric scooters, and E-bikes at the 2035 E-Mobility Taiwan, with a focus on the "Sustainable Boulevard" lifestyle concept. The exhibition was organized by the Brand Management Division, with active participation from various business groups including EVSBG, EISBG, PSBG…, etc. At this exhibition, Delta showcased its leading EV on-board power control and powertrain systems, as well as its latest automotive thermal solutions. We presented scaled models of electric vehicles, combined with a new interactive display featuring touch screens. By integrating product introductions with lighting effects, visitors were able to gain a closer understanding of Delta's electric vehicle power and powertrain systems, as well as automotive fans and thermal management solutions applied in scenarios such as air conditioning, lighting, and infotainment systems.
Delta showcased its latest technologies and product solutions for smart transportation.

For the off-board charging infrastructure, Delta has currently provided over 3 million EV chargers worldwide. This time, Delta showcased the High Power 350kW DC fast charger, which only takes 10-15 minutes to charge and allows for a distance of 200-300 kilometers from Taipei to Tainan. It is currently widely used in Taiwan's freeway service areas. Delta also integrated solar power generation, power conditioning, and energy storage systems at the exhibition to create a charging infrastructure concept based on microgrids. This demonstrates integrated energy management, ensuring the most efficient use of power from generation, storage, distribution, to consumption, providing stable power supply and enhancing grid resilience.
Chief Brand Officer of Delta, Shan-Shan Guo, introduced Delta's High Power 350kW EV charger to MOEA Minister, Mei-Hua Wang.

To meet the growing demand for electric two-wheelers, Delta introduced an 8kW smart e-scooter charger for the first time. Equipped with two plugs, each providing 4kW of power, it can charge e-scooters with 3-5 kW batteries in approximately one hour. Delta has successfully developed and won the Taipei Cycle 2024 d&i award for the design of the "Delta Mid Drive Motor" system. The design breaks away from the traditional e-Bike motor framework and features a more compact and streamlined appearance, attracting a lot of attention and inquiries.
Delta explained the principles of electric motorcycle power systems to the media and the public.

At the exhibition, scheduled tours became a feature of Delta. Visitors frequently gathered and inquired as the tour times approached. Over the four-day event, a total of 10 scheduled tours were conducted, each attracting around 40-60 attendees, resulting in a highly effective turnout! After the exhibition, the Brand Management Division planned to relocate the showcased vehicle models to the showroom at Delta's Taipei Headquarters. This move is to fulfill Delta's commitment to corporate values and sustainability, ensuring the models continue to be displayed and reused effectively.