Delta Cup Competition launches in 2023
Bruce Cheng receives Outstanding Contributor Award
Text by Public Affairs Department 2023/03

In response to the "dual carbon" goal and to promote low-carbon campus architecture, the 2023 Delta Cup International Solar Building Design Competition with the theme of "Sunshine, Zero Carbon Buildings" held its launch event on March 24, 2023 in Beijing. This competition features two challenges: the zero-carbon design project "Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum" and the zero-carbon upgrade project "Guangzhou Public Utility Technical College Clubhouse". Located in Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, the projects are situated in a beautiful and convenient environment near Xiufeng River, making it a suitable location for education and research. The competition combines the "dual carbon" policy orientation to promote the application of renewable energy in buildings, create a showcase for the green and low-carbon concept of the science and education city, and explore the path of zero-carbon building construction. The competition organizing committee presented the "Outstanding Contributor" award to Delta founder and honorary chairman, Bruce Cheng, to express appreciation for his outstanding contribution in promoting green building and environmental protection, as well as for his 17 years of dedication to the competition.

Mr. Bruce Cheng (second from left) launches the 2023 Delta Cup International Solar Building Design Competition with Academician Cui Kai (third from left), Vice President Liu Zhihong (second from right), General Manager Ma Hai (far right), and Vice Chief Architect Zhong Jishou (far left).

During the launch event, the award ceremony for the 2022 competition "Sunshine and Mountain Oasis" was also held. The competition was held at the natural reserve of the giant panda habitat in Guanba Village, Pingwu County, Sichuan Province, with a scientific research station as the theme, exploring new approaches and ideas for ecological protection. The 2022 competition received 172 valid entries, and the level and quality of the designs improved significantly compared to previous years. More than 100 experts and university teams participated in the event, which was also live-streamed with active online interactions and attracted 58,000 views.

Mr. Bruce Cheng, the founder and honorary chairman of Delta, stated that environmental protection and energy conservation have been the long-term focus and effort of Delta. Buildings account for 30%-40% of global energy consumption, and energy conservation and emission reduction in the construction field are crucial to achieving the "double carbon" goal. Since 2006, Delta has successively built and donated 32 green buildings and two green data centers worldwide. The Namasia Elementary School, which was built after Typhoon Morakot in 2009, used various active and passive energy-saving technologies and Delta's energy storage and energy management system, becoming the first "net-zero energy" campus in Asia certified by LEED. Delta has leveraged its core technological capabilities to develop intelligent energy-saving building solutions and applied its years of experience in independent carbon reduction to build zero-carbon solutions, creating an environmentally friendly living environment that also meets users' needs and health. Delta is willing to share its industry experience and use technology to help building energy conservation and carbon reduction, reducing environmental impact.

Mr. Bruce Zheng, founder of Delta (third from left), Mr. Zhong Jishou, Deputy Chief Architect of China Architecture Design & Research Group (second from right), Ms. Zhang Lei, Director of the National Housing Engineering Center (second from left), Ms. Guo Shanshan, Chief Brand Officer of Delta (far right), and Mr. Zhou Zhihong, Chief Sustainability Officer and Spokesperson of Delta (far left), take a group photo at the event.

Cui Kai, the head of the judging expert group for the Delta Cup International Solar Building Design Competition and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, stated that the Delta Cup competition is a very meaningful event that truly promotes the development of green buildings. Liu Zhihong, Vice President of China State Construction Engineering Corporation and Executive Director of the Central Research Institute of China State Construction Engineering Corporation, pointed out that promoting green, low-carbon development and achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals is a complex system engineering that requires coordination from various sectors of society. He sincerely praised Mr. Zheng Chonghua, the founder of Delta, for his years of support for the competition and for practicing the corporate mission of "Environmental Protection, Energy Saving, and Love the Earth" through practical actions. Ma Hai, General Manager of China Architecture Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd., the organizer of the competition, also expressed his hope for more people to pay attention to and participate in the competition, jointly spreading the concept of green, low-carbon, energy-saving, and sustainable development.

Mr. Cui Kai, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and head of the expert panel of the Delta Cup International Solar Building Design Competition, presents the "Outstanding Contributor" award to Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder and honorary chairman of Delta.