Delta’s Planets Wonderous Creatures Film Festival begins!
Text by Delta Electronics Foundation 2022/05

Goal 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires "complete mitigation and adaptation actions to tackle climate change and its impacts," which means strengthening the community's ability to resist and adapt to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and implementing climate change mitigation measures in policy and life practices. At the same time, it’s necessary to make good use of education to raise public awareness of climate change and the coping capacity to reduce the impact of disasters.

Being aimed at SDG13 implementation, Delta Electronics Foundation released its latest climate initiative in 2022, "Earth in Motion", Delta’s Film Festival of the Wonderous Creatures of the Planet at the National Museum of Ocean Science and Technology the day before Coral Protection Day (March 5). The exhibition will do a tour of different museums, including art museums, and high school campuses throughout the whole of Taiwan starting in March.

The first event of the festival was held in the 8K projection theater of the National Museum of Marine Science and Technology, which has the largest 1,300-inch screen in Taiwan. Using Delta's world-leading 8K full HD laser projectors and hoping to bring the audience a vivid visual experience with the combination of Delta's two self-produced environmental documentaries, "Life in the Coral Reefs" and "Swimming with Humpback Whales". The Foundation also shared the highlights of the ‘AR6 Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability’ report, which was just released by the Working Group II of IPCC, including the fact that global temperature has already risen by 1.1°C. Furthermore, in the future, if the temperature rises by 1.5°C, 14% of species will be at a high risk of extinction; if the temperature rises by 3°C, the risk of species extinction will increase by 10. Corals are the most notable victims of every wave of climate and ocean warming. By 2030, the survival of 70-90% of tropical coral will face an extreme threat.  In order to rouse the masses’ consciousness to be aware of global warming and value the coral ecosystems, at the film festival, the foundation was showing the 8K full HD environmental documentary “Life in the Coral Reefs”, which was filmed by the former NHK senior photographer, Hiroyuki Nakagawa, who was invited especially to travel to Palau and shoot the ecology of the coral reef. The images present the marine ecology and its environmental crisis to immerse the audience in the world.

Additionally, the Foundation also invited Jia-Yin Ke, Associate Professor at the Institute of Fishery Science of National Taiwan University, and Shih-Chi Cheng, Director of the Endemic Species Research Institute, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, to explain how climate change affects Taiwan's local biodiversity from the perspectives of marine ecology and terrestrial wildlife respectively, and to propose feasible adaptive actions at the main event. In future tours, the Foundation will continue to invite various experts and scholars, along with the BBC's two epic eco-documentaries, Blue Planet II and Earth Pulse II, to convey the impacts and adaptation opportunities under climate change through knowledge and images.

Wim, CEO of Delta Foundation, shared the highlights of AR6 Climate Change 2022: Adaptation and Vulnerability, volume II of the Sixth Assessment Report on Climate Change published by the Second Working Group of the United Nations IPCC