Delta's 50th anniversary activities
Presenting "Opening and Family Day for New Chungli Plant" and "Online Special Exhibition"

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In our previous Special Report, we covered the "Influencing 50, Embracing 50" activities, including the touring exhibition in China, 8K projection festival in Thailand, coral restoration event, and the sneak preview for the special exhibition in Taiwan. In this Special Report, we would like to invite you to come with us to the new Chungli Plant in Taiwan to experience the warmth of the Family Day activities, view Delta's newest and most complete flagship exhibition Hall, and enjoy the 50th-anniversary special exhibition with rich and in-depth themes. At the same time, our plans also include a 3D online exhibition, allowing more internal and external partners to have an immersive experience.

The Delta's 50th Anniversary Family Day event was held at the new Chungli Plant 5, where over 400 employees and their family members, as well as retirees, participated.

Delta's 50th anniversary family day and special exhibition— looking at Delta's past, present, and future
Delta's global "Influencing 50, Embracing 50" events that celebrate our 50th-anniversary have been launched successively in various locations. With the opening of the new Chungli Plant 5, Delta's largest plant in Taiwan, the Corporate Communication Division, Human Resource Division, Chungli Plant personnel, and Brand Management Division jointly planned and held the family day on August 28th and 29th. The event invited employees, their families, and retirees to revisit the important moments in Delta's 50 years of history, and look forward to the next 50 years of sustainable development.

On the first day of the event, Mr. Bruce Cheng, the founder, led the management team and senior executives to express their gratitude to colleagues and family members.

Delta's management team and senior executives enthusiastically participated in the two-day event. Mr. Bruce Cheng, Founder and Honorary Chairman, expressed his gratitude for the efforts of everyone in Delta, especially those who supported him during the early stage of the business. Delta will continue to innovate with its 50 years of accumulated capabilities and work with partners from all walks of life to continue to grow. Mr. Yancey Hai, chairman, and Mr. Ping Cheng, CEO, are looking ahead to the next 50 years, actively laying out strategies for electric vehicles, smart automation, infrastructure, and implementing ESG into operations that bring a positive impact.

The family day activities include the 50th-anniversary special exhibition, flagship exhibition Hall, and "8K immersive projection R&D Site." The 50th-anniversary special exhibition is divided into eight thematic areas, with the main theme of "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" to create a Delta Newsroom. Delta Origins recaps Delta products from the '70s and '80s. The Outline area records 50 Delta milestones; the Business area depicts the business profile, products, and solutions; and the Contributors area introduces the key partners and internal teams that Delta is grateful to. The ESG area introduces Delta's sustainability concepts and practices in three directions: Environmental, Social, and Governance. The Design area analyzes the design for combining architecture and carbon reduction for the better and the Culture area displays Delta's recommended literature. Delta Action shares how Delta Foundation turns ideas into action, including DeltaMOOCx free online courses and coral restoration initiatives. Finally, the Delta Radio area conveys corporate visions, authentic and unique brands, and green living ideas through the exhibition's audio technology.

Founder and Honorary Chairman Mr. Bruce Cheng and his wife Mrs. Eying Hsieh, as well as Mr. Steven Liu, Chairman of Cyntec Co., Ltd., pose for a group photo with Delta's retirees who were on the list of "50 People of Delta" in the area titled "Delta Contributors" at the special exhibition.

The newly opened flagship exhibition hall at Chungli plant presents Delta's innovative products and solutions for each business unit. Through the display of real products and audio-visuals, visitors can learn about the development of Delta's business. In addition to the latest exhibition hall, the three-story 8K projection environment at the Chungli Plant provides the ultimate immersive experience with a large 420-inch screen. On the day of the event, the 8K environmental video "Coral Reef Fish" produced by the Delta Foundation was displayed, hoping to inspire people to reflect on the ecological environment while admiring the beauty of the ocean.

During the tour, the founder, Mr. Bruce Cheng, personally shared Delta's development with everyone at Delta and their family members, starting from a small 15-person factory next to a field, and the interesting stories and heartfelt experiences of his entrepreneurial journey. The audience listened with great interest as if they were walking through the corridor of time together. The CEO, Mr. Ping Cheng, Delta's first chief brand officer in 2010, personally shared with the audience Delta's transformation process over the past decade and introduced Delta's core competencies and solutions for its products.

Mr. Ping Cheng, CEO of Delta, introduced the latest Delta products to the employees and their families in person.

The three-story Delta 8K Immersive Projection Laboratory allowed the employees and their families to experience the ultimate sound and light effects.

The 50th anniversary exhibition will run for one year as of August 28th and will be available online. Even if you cannot attend the exhibition in person, you can still experience the eight thematic areas through audio tours and real 3D exhibits. Through the online and physical exhibition, we hope to invite more people to retrace the footsteps of Delta's history and look forward to a brighter future.
Delta's 50th anniversary online special exhibition: https://delta50.deltaww.com/exhibition/

The online exhibition presents eight thematic areas through video tours and 3D exhibition areas, allowing everyone who cares about Delta to join the event online.

Delta's 50th anniversary "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" online forum
In the 50th anniversary series, Delta Electronics Foundation (DEF) holds four live online forums. The forums are divided into two main themes, "Save and Purify" and "A Healthy Ocean" of which everyone is invited to participate and listen. The topics covered include air pollution, smart grid, marine conservation, and more. Many experts and scholars, environmental groups, and public welfare organizations were invited to share their knowledge and experiences with the audience online. The four online forums of "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" explore the two themes of "Save and Purify" and "A Healthy Ocean," in how to work together to keep the 1.5°C danger line and restore marine biodiversity. 

The Foundation invited Dr. Paul Ai, senior director of Delta Solution System Integration Division, and Dr. Jacky Lai, product manager of Delta's Smart Grid Division, along with many other experts and scholars to explain how to save electricity.

In the forum "The Distance between Smart Grid and Your Home Meter," the Foundation invited Dr. Paul Ai, Senior Director of  Delta Solution System Integration Division, and Dr. Jacky Lai, Product Manager of Delta's Smart Grid Division, along with many other experts and scholars to explain how to use Delta's technology and energy solutions, as well as practical ways to save electricity in daily life. All of this knowledge can be used to implement low-carbon living, increase the penetration of renewable energy, and move toward the goal of "net-zero emissions." The "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" online forum was well received by the audience and the video garnered more than 10,000 views.

Delta's 50th anniversary series of activities, through physical events, online exhibitions, and forums, not only recap Delta's history in the last half-century and showcase core technologies and solutions, but also, and more importantly, convey to the public the "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" initiative, which cherishes energy, treats all organisms and the environment well, and provided our next generation with a sustainable future. Check out the 50th-anniversary event website for more exciting content!

"Influencing 50, Embracing 50" Series activities: https://delta50.deltaww.com/
"Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" series:
My Sky - Solutions For Air Pollution in Construction and Transportation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vTeaGmV_8k
The Distance Between Smart Grid and Your Home Meter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytFhUEyptGw
Giving Back to Nature - 30% of the Ocean by 2030: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=FG5ausw501s
Global warming - Taiwan's Coral Bleaching Crisis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qXKwfKSsXc