As fall approaches and the global pandemic has started letting up a little, Delta's regional offices have slowly reopened one after another. We hope that all colleagues and their family members have been staying safe and healthy! Despite the ongoing pandemic, Delta’s 50th anniversary event series kicked off in the spring with a special exhibition at Tongli Lake, China and has been touring at Delta’s five factories thus far. In this issue of the "Special Report", we invite you to join us at the new Zhongli factory in Taiwan and participate in the opening ceremony, as well as family day activities. Rub shoulders with Delta’s management team and a number of high-level executives as you enjoy the 50th anniversary special exhibition and view the latest and most integrated flagship showroom together. At the same time, the special exhibition is also available in 3D online to provide internal and external partners with a panoramic viewing experience. Don't miss the exciting content that awaits!

"Sustainability (ESG)" has been Delta's core philosophy for 50 years, and it is also a part of Delta's DNA. The foundation of the company's business development is rooted in sustainability, and we continue to provide innovative, clean and energy-saving solutions. When it comes to corporate governance level, we established a sustainability committee as early as 2007, and introduced a Chief Sustainability Officer post in 2019. In this issue of "Brand People", we interviewed Delta's Chief Sustainability Officer, Mr. Jesse Chou, sharing his thoughts on the journey of helping Delta push through ESG and on having spent more than 17 years of his career with Delta.

With the rising wave of carbon neutrality in the manufacturing industry, energy-saving and consumption reduction have become the focus of attention in the industrial automation market, and the inverter is an integral part of the energy-saving system. Delta has been dedicated to developing the industrial automation field for more than 20 years. Our full range of products have been made with the concepts of high-precision, high-speed, and high-energy efficiency in mind. "IoT Smart Solution" will explain how inverters reduce carbon emissions and enhance smart manufacturing capabilities through product design and improvements.

Delta's building automation solutions span multiple fields and has recently been incorporated into Jiaotong University's Hancheng gymnasium in China. The building management platform uses Delta Controls' enteliweb, which provides real-time monitoring, integrated building control, as well as energy consumption and lighting systems to create a smart, energy-saving and high-efficient gymnasium. The "unmanned store" is a new retail model that has been gaining traction in recent years and can be seen in subways, coworking spaces, smart parks and other places. Delta has worked with a well-known e-commerce company to create an "unmanned supermarket", providing Amplon RT series low-power UPS to ensure that the electrical supply to the supermarket is not interrupted. More exciting cases await in the "Brand Circle"!

The ocean is more beautiful than you can imagine! The Delta Foundation invited the 8K photography team to Palau, where 80% of the marine territory is classified as a protected area, to capture the vibrancy of the coral reef ecosystem. This issue of "Delta Green Life" takes you on a journey to view the wonderful world of marine life that most people don't get to see. Let's all do our part in protecting the beautiful oceans!


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