Delta donates UV disinfection cabins to Taoyuan International Airport against COVID-19

Text by: Corporate Communication Division

On August 26th, Delta donated two U+ UV disinfection cabins to Taoyuan International Airport, which were installed at the immigration check-in areas in the north and south corridors of the second terminal, which have more passenger traffic. It takes only 5 seconds of irradiation to eliminate 81% of the COVID-19 virus on the surface of anything or anyone who passes through the gate. After disembarking, passengers can conduct full-body sterilization before entry to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This also provides additional protection for the airport staff and strengthens airport epidemic prevention with the latest technology, especially with the new wave of virus variants on the rampage in other countries.

Delta's U+ UV disinfection cabins use the Care222® light source module from USHIO, a Japanese manufacturer of special light sources. This module can precisely limit the wavelength to 222nm, which cannot penetrate the human corneal layer, not only allowing the UV-C UV light to effectively disinfect unoccupied spaces or objects but also quickly inhibit virus and bacteria activity on surfaces and in the air with people present, adhering to relevant safety regulations. Easy to install and use, UV inhibition gates can provide quick, contactless, and efficient anti-bacterial services in key access routes or key disinfection spaces. It has been used in more than ten major hospitals for epidemic prevention, as well as many office buildings, factory production lines, campuses, and national training centers to help different industries fight the pandemic.
The disinfection cabin is located in the immigration check-in area, allowing passengers entering Taiwan from the second terminal to access the device.