"Influencing 50, Embracing 50"
50th anniversary special exhibition in Taiwan

Text by: BMD

Starting out from humble roots in a 15-person factory next to rice fields 50 years ago, Delta has grown to include tens of thousands of employees. By remaining true to our vision and insisting on quality, Delta has continuously grown and expanded over the years. This year, Delta's 50th anniversary special exhibition has been integrated with the opening ceremony of Chungli Plant 5. The exhibition is scheduled to run for one year beginning on August 28, 2021 to show our appreciation to our employees, partners, and various stakeholders. In response to changes in the ongoing pandemic, an online version of the 50th anniversary exhibition has also been concurrently planned. This enables visitors to experience the exhibition directly from their screens, as well as onsite.

The 50th anniversary exhibition has eight sections, which are centered around the theme of "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life". "Sustainable conservation" emphasizes the need to treasure energy sources. It is the constant goal for Delta's energy efficiency efforts. "Nurturing life" refers to ecological and environmental friendliness to ensure a better tomorrow for future generations.

The 50th anniversary special exhibition is to be held at Chungli Plant 5 as well as online. Eight display sections that follow the theme of "Sustainable Conservation & Nurturing Life" have been planned.

The flexible Delta mechanical arm shows the theme "Influencing 50, Embracing 50" and the 50th anniversary logo through a horizontal and rotational manner"

A look back in time
Stepping into the entrance of the exhibition at Chungli Plant 5, visitors will immediately see the important products of Delta's early days. Visitors are led into the Delta Newsroom with news clippings, which are held by Delta's mechanical arm and neatly lined in order of 20 sets to coincide with the theme. The guided tour takes visitors to 50 of Delta's major milestones at the Outline section. Founded in 1971, Delta gained solid ground in the 80's and entered the Chinese market in 1992. In 2003, Delta expanded to European and American markets, and after overcoming the financial crisis in 2010, transformed itself from OEM and ODM to energy management. The Company currently strives toward carbon reduction through the use of technology and corporate social responsibility (CSR) to deal with climate change.

The Outline section shows 50 of Delta's major milestones.

Sustainable and Highly Effective Generational Solutions and Concepts
The Business section outlines Delta's framework and introduces the visitors to Delta's products and their connections to people's daily lives. Delta has achieved an international leadership position with energy-efficient technologies. As a higher energy conversion rate implies lower energy consumption, Delta has helped to enable significant carbon reductions. Each seemingly small 1% benefit will translate to enormous savings. Delta's energy integration and IoT framework system solutions range from indoor factories, commercial buildings, data centers, to electrical grids and regional networks primed for outdoor use. The solutions provide energy-saving and carbon reductions measures that help today’s societies transition to smart cities in the 21st century through environmentally-friendly methods. The ESG section is the corporate core of Delta. The section introduces Delta's sustainable business philosophies and ESG practices through three dimensions: Environmental (environmental and energy conservation), Social (social engagement), and Governance. In dealing with climate change, Delta implements energy conservation and carbon reduction in its day-to-day operations and actively engages in international initiatives. Energy education is also promoted by the Delta Electronics Foundation. Each of these efforts demonstrates Delta's commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Business section introduces the scope of Delta's three major products as well as its energy conversion rate that exceeds 96%)

Social responsibility for mutual growth
The Design and Culture sections introduce Delta's business mindset and knowledge. As Delta's green building developments continue to evolve over time, the Company has held true to our unwavering belief in environmental conservation. Having learned while constructing each green building along the way, we have cumulatively built and donated 27 green buildings and 2 green data centers throughout the world over the past decade or so. Synergies between design and carbon reduction can be appreciated in the Design section, while Delta's cultural and artistic sense is shown in the Culture section, where visitors can find a selection of Delta's recommended books as well as diverse activities and environmental documentaries, chosen to raise the public's awareness of nature.

Embracing the past and welcoming the future
Visitors can explore Delta's past and future in the Delta Origins and Delta Action sections. The Delta Origins section leads visitors on a trip back in time with the classic Delta TV cables and intermediate frequency transformers (TFT) of the 70's, and the switch mode power supplies and brushless cooling fans from the 80's. These were the core critical technologies that secured Delta's leadership position at the time. Delta Action demonstrates Delta Foundation's philanthropic actions. More than 5,000 hours of free online courses have been offered at DeltaMOOCx, which brings quality teaching to the homes of everyone. The coral restoration is a new initiative that began in 2020, in which the Foundation collaborates with NGOs and the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology, and calls on Delta volunteers to document the entire coral restoration process, from species selection, incubation, to monitoring, in an effort to bring biodiversity back to the marine environment.

Last but not least, the Delta Radio section shares Delta's corporate vision and its authentic and unique brand, as well as thoughts and practices on environmental protection to everyone through audio guides; and the Contributors section introduces important partners and internal teams that have helped Delta over the past 50 years and enabled Delta's growth.

The 50th anniversary exhibition will take place at Delta's Chungli Plant. Delta's employees, partners, and members of the public are all welcome. Delta also encourages everyone to join us at the online exhibition.