Delta started out as a small factory with 15 employees 50 years ago and eventually found success, employing tens of thousands of employees around the world. Throughout the company's journey, we have never lost the indomitable spirit and commitment to excellence that we started with. Delta has continued to grow and thrive for half a century. In the previous issue, we brought you a report of Delta’s 50th Anniversary Exhibition in May at the Tongli Lakeview Hotel in Suzhou, China. Since then, the exhibition tour has visited factories in Wujiang, Wuhu, Beijing, and Dongguan, receiving enthusiastic responses from guests and employees. This August, we will be holding a special exhibition of 50th anniversary at the newly-built Chungli Plant 5 in Taiwan to express our gratitude to everyone who has made this possible. Eight major areas have been planned for the exhibition based on the theme of "Sustainable Conservation and Nurturing Life". Attendees will have a chance to understand Delta's core philosophy, corporate culture, brand value, and sustainability projects! Due to the pandemic, an online exhibition will be concurrently held to allow the public to participate in the grand event on screen. In this issue's "Special Report", we invite you to enter the Delta Newsroom and be part of Delta's 50th anniversary!

In addition to developing the "corporate brand", Delta has also made outstanding achievements in "employer brand" management in recent years. Besides winning many awards in Taiwan such as the First Prize for Global View's Corporate Social Responsibility Happy Enterprise in Taiwan, the company has also been recognized by various employer brand awards in China and Asia. In this issue's "Brand People", we have interviewed Delta's Chief Human Resources Officer, Mr. Charles Chen, who has shared his step-by-step guide on how to build an innovative employer brand!

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Delta has been taking active steps and joined forces with the local governments, medical organizations, and other agencies to combat the pandemic. We recently donated ultraviolet disinfection cabins to many hospitals in Taiwan, which eliminate 81% of the COVID-19 virus on any surface when visitors walk through the cabins. At the same time, Delta also donated the devices to the National Training Center to safeguard the health of Olympic athletes and ensure a safer, more comfortable training environment. Delta created flowers using digital technology in the Taiwan exhibition area of the China Flower Expo, presenting vivid and delicate flora images with the help of advanced projection technology. Coupled with the installation art and interactive design, an immersive exhibition is thus created. Exciting content awaits in the "Brand Circle". Stay tuned!

"Circular economy" is a popular buzzword in today's society. As its name suggests, it refers to the economic benefits created from the continuous cycling of resources. Delta has aimed at reducing waste concentration by 15% in 2020 by decreasing waste at the source and increasing the reuse rate of resources. This issue's "Sustainability" will show you how Delta has advocated its waste reduction accomplishment to the global value chain, integrating upstream and downstream members for waste reduction practices. This creates circular economic benefits for the supply chain, and comprises concrete actions towards carbon neutrality!

In this issue of "Delta Green Life", we are headed to Europe and share with you the "Cycling and Planting Trees" event initiated by Delta's EMEA marketing team. Starting from World Environment Day (June 5), Delta's EMEA team will plant a tree in Uganda for every 10 km that participants cycle! Not only does this promote good health, it also improves Uganda's ecology and environment! Don't miss this great opportunity!


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