Delta's video solutions illuminate Flower Expo

Text by: Delta Public Affairs (Shanghai)

The 10th China Flower Expo (Flower Expo) was recently held in Chongming, Shanghai, and showcased the theme: "Blossom with the Chinese Dream." The Taiwan Garden and Pavilion exhibition opened on May 22nd. Themed "Blossoms across the Taiwan Strait, One Heart, One Dream" the exhibition showcases the integration of floral beauty and digital technology. Delta supported the pavilion with video solutions that integrated Delta's projector brand—VIVITEK to provide high-definition professional engineering projectors. Using advanced projection technology, rich and exquisite images were displayed. Combined with installation art and interactive designs, the exhibition offered an immersive aesthetic experience for visitors, with over 10 thousand visits per day.

Visitors will come upon the "Vivid Dreams - Secret Forest" scene when walking into the pavilion, immersing themselves in a stroll through a forest of trees and streams interweaved with light and shadow. The VIVITEK RU43723 laser projector is equipped with a laser light source that provides colors more vivid and vibrant than traditional bulb-based projectors. With 5,500 lumens of brightness combined with 1,920*1,200 ultra-high-definition and 20,000:1 high contrast ratio, the projector projects dynamic images on the tree partitions. In the second scene, "Playful Dreams - Butterfly Dance," four VIVITEK DU9000 professional projectors with a brightness of 11,500 lumens are used to project images on the ground, creating a spectacular 3D effect of "blossoming flowers and butterflies." Visitors can walk into a magical valley created through the artistic fusion of sound, light, and electricity, combined with the projections on the walls. The third scene is "Building Dreams - Fulfilling Dreams with One Heart." A unique "technological sky lantern" was created by the VIVITEK laser projector which projects complex image combinations on multiple surfaces of the sky lantern. The images are created through software fusion and projected diagonally from above, allowing visitors to view the sky lantern at a close distance without blocking the projections. Visitors came before the colorfully decorated floral sky lantern to wish for "Blossoms across the Taiwan Strait, One Heart, One Dream."

Children visiting the Taiwan Pavilion of the Flower Expo were deeply attracted by the projection effect