Difference and diverse expand B2C influence
Interview with IAQ sales manager - Mr. ChihHua Lin, and Innergie senior manager - PS Tang

Text by: BMD

Brand management encompasses different mindsets and strategies, be it B2B or B2C. "Brand People" has interviewed marketing managers of various regions and business groups. In this issue, on the occasion of the online exhibition of Computex Taipei, we especially interviewed the managers of Delta's Consumer Products Division — Lin ChihHua, Sales Manager of FMBG-IAQ (Indoor Air Quality), and P.S. Tang, Senior Manager of PSBG-Innergie. We invited them to discuss their B2C brand management and marketing plans and their experiences at Delta.

Embedding the OBM industry with Delta's dna of energy saving 
Manager Lin ChihHua recalled the division's decision to develop OBM products in 2008. Interestingly, the founder, Mr. Cheng, provided two of the disassembled competing ventilating fan prototypes for the team's research. As a result, Mr. Lin assembled and tested the first ventilating fan prototype. "The simple assembly of Delta's fan blades and motors exhibited 40% less energy consumption under the same air volume than the competitor’s products, and it was quieter and lighter. At that moment, I saw a blue ocean!" said Lin fervently.

"Our goals have always been introducing Delta's power supplies, fan technology, and energy-saving DNA into ventilation products in the construction industry with new technologies, designing product differentiation, and meeting user needs." Lin further explained that the development of new technologies and high-quality products is relatively costly. Therefore, the challenge is how to promote products that have higher unit prices yet are quiet and energy-saving for traditional channels. IAQ decidedly positions ventilation products mainly for building repair, a category distinctive from consumer electronics. Most customers have backgrounds in traditional industries, necessitating a commitment to building long-term partnerships and communicating with the channels.

IAQ’s ventilation fan series products were imported through COSTCO channels in America in 2014.

Grasping core positioning, cultivating local markets
Delta's IAQ products are currently sold in the United States, Taiwan, mainland China, Thailand, Japan, and other countries. In particular, Delta's ventilation products are available through major channels in the US and Taiwan. Lin shared with us that channel planning for any country starts with precise product positioning. "The characteristic of our products is 'buy, install, and use,' which is different from the 'buy and use' of B2C consumer electronics. For instance, American consumers are used to DIY installations. Some American construction sites employ two-stage installation and construction, in which the casings and ducts are installed first. The main fan units and outer panels are installed after the completion of the ceiling. Conversely, most Taiwanese consumers are unable to install by themselves, and the construction is completed by plumbing and electrical contractors. Hence, the products require one single installation. These examples demonstrate the diverse requirements in different markets." Lin further added that the building codes and safety regulations vary in each country. Most US houses are built with wood, and ventilating fan casings must be metal due to fire safety standards. In contrast, reinforced concrete buildings predominate in Taiwan, and the casings are mostly plastic. Thus, the same product has to adjust to local markets. Echoing Delta's business philosophy, the IAQ is devoted to improving product energy efficiency. This year, Delta has won the US Energy Star Award for six consecutive years and its highest honor—Sustained Excellence—for three. Lin believes the "localization and differentiation" of innovative products is a "user-friendly" marketing strategy that suits the local market.

Mr. ChihHua (R1) promoted IAQ products with first line colleagues at the IBS exhibition in 2020.

Increased promotion for brand awareness
Over the last few years, IAQ and BMD have jointly developed digital advertising, product image videos, and visual identities to communicate product features and functions to consumers. "It's fascinating to do OBM. People call us to buy our products!" expressed Lin. There are, on average, 20 to 30 phone calls per month from end consumers and even regional construction companies and contractors inquiring about purchasing information in Taiwan. Although the orders are not large, the reputation gained and popularity accrued all lead to significant outcomes.

Manager Lin ChihHua joined Delta in 2006 and the IAQ team in 2008. At first, he was mainly responsible for product development and then later entered global business marketing. He concluded his 15 years of experience in new product development and marketing was influenced by Delta's innovative and inquisitive spirit, as well as its persevering entrepreneurship. Managing relationships with customers and partners relies on compassion. Customers will eventually recognize your unwavering efforts.

Mr. P.S. Tang introduced Innergie products to Mr. Bruce Cheng, Delta’s founder and honorary chairman, at Computex in 2019.

Diversified marketing conveys Innergie’s brand energy
Innergie, Delta's consumer brand, has for years continuously expanded its market influence through online and offline promotion channels by leveraging Delta's core technology of power electronics. PSBG-Innergie's Senior Manager P.S. Tang shared with us his management mindset, "Only when Innergie's products adopt the most advanced NBBU technologies do typical outsourcing customers follow. This way, it maintains Delta's technological leadership in the B2C and outsourcing markets while simultaneously creating and extending the company's value chain."

Innergie has been actively promoting the One For All universal charger in recent years, emphasizing that one Innergie charger can handle a wide range of mobile devices. Versatile yet compact, Innergie has created market differentiation with a solid product. "The One For All Universal Charger is, in fact, an extension of Delta's core concept of eco-friendliness," P.S. told us that not only does this design represent the cutting edge of technology, but the highly efficient product also helps reduce electronic waste and carbon footprint for the earth, as well as energy consumption for consumers!

Innergie 45H pop-up stores (Left) and Innergie C6 Duo online campaign (Right) promoted brand image and products.

Excelling in every aspect for diversified brand experience
Innergie has been in the consumer electronics market for a long time, and P.S. spoke about development strategies in various channels. "In the early stages, we exhibited and sold products in duty-free shops at airports in Singapore and Thailand. We also provided passengers with free charging stations, which not only helped with sales but also increased brand exposure." Other than Southeast Asia, there were also activities in European airports. In Taiwan, pop-up stores and product launch events integrated physical events and online marketing to maximize publicity. In Japan, the hybrid Innergie Café was established at the Delta Yokohama Electric Vehicle Charging Station, allowing consumers to charge both their cars and mobile devices. P.S. stated that besides expanding offline channels, social media management, which values reviews and the unboxing experience, also plays an important part. With collaborations with influencers and the Innergie Classroom, the product's concept of One For All is conveyed to consumers.

P.S. also talked about the marketing trend of crossover collaborations. "Omnichannel is the trend of the future. Chargers do not have to be purchased from electronics stores. Everyone is a potential consumer." The target market is no longer only limited to traditional channels. Rental chargers at coffee shops or co-working spaces provide divergent ways for product advertising.

Internalization of brand spirit – a day of Innergie 
Since Innergie was founded in 2006 by Delta Thailand, P.S. has gained copious experience along the way. "Thanks to Delta, I had the opportunity to build a consumer power brand so that more consumers can understand the concept of environmental protection, energy conservation, and love for the earth." P.S. was convinced that internalizing the brand spirit into daily work and life and observing the details of life facilitate product ideation. "There is no shortcut to success. Keep communicating our brand concept to consumers, and you will definitely see the effects!"