Delta “Influencing 50, Embracing 50”
Echoes its commitment to ‘sustainable conservation, nurturing life’

Text by: Brand Management Division

This year marks a new milestone for Delta as it enters its fiftieth year. Power electronics is Delta’s core technology and competitive advantage, and the company has accumulated a half century of experience and capability. Over the years Delta has transformed itself from a key-component manufacturer into a system integration and solutions provider, evolving from an industrial brand to a top commercial brand. This year, “Influencing 50, Embracing 50” is Delta’s theme for a series of activities reaffirming its continued role as a world-class corporate citizen as it enters the next 50 years.

“Influencing 50, Embracing 50” is based on the concept of “sustainable conservation,” which refers to energy efficiency as the core concept embedded in Delta product design. “Nurturing life” refers to treating all living creatures and the environment with care, conserving water resources, and protecting the marine ecology, thereby making the world a better place. Economization and life enrichment echo Delta’s business mission, “To provide innovative, clean and energy efficient solutions for a better tomorrow.” On May 21st, the “Delta 50th Anniversary Concert” will feature the BBC documentary “Blue Planet II Live in Concert” to highlight the beauty of the ocean and draw the public’s attention to marine ecology. A special Delta 50th anniversary exhibition, along with forums and lectures, will focus on energy conservation and environmental protection, and share Delta’s experience as it transitions to the next 50 years.

(From left) Mr. Ping Cheng, Delta’s chief executive officer, Mr. Yancey Hai, Delta’s chairman, Mr. Bruce Cheng, Delta’s founder and honorary chairman, and Ms. Shan Shan Guo, Delta’s chief brand officer attended Delta’s 50th anniversary press conference.

“Delta 50th Anniversary Concert” kicks off a series of events 
When recording Water with Life in Taiwan, the Delta Electronics Foundation discovered coral bleaching and began to advocate for protecting the ocean and restoring corals. The Delta 50th Anniversary Live in Concert together with the 4K natural ecological documentary Blue Planet II, presented by the influential David Attenborough of the BBC, will feature a score composed by the well-known soundtrack master Hans Zimmer. The score will be performed live by 80 musicians from the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra and the Taipei Philharmonic Chorus. At the concert, Delta’s 8K projection on an 800-inch large screen will offer a breathtaking visual experience that will allow the audience to explore the magnificence and beauty of the underwater world. This beautiful ocean documentary shines a light on why we need to protect the marine ecology. Blue Planet II is a popular nature documentary that has inspired governments, enterprises, and individuals around the world to appeal for marine conservation and take action. The film’s eco-friendly message reflects Delta’s business philosophy and long-term efforts to protect the environment. 

The concert will be held on May 21st at the Taipei Music Center. The event is a charity ticketing event. The box office surplus will be fully and exclusively used for marine conservation by the National Museum of Marine Science & Technology to assist coral restoration efforts in ocean front conservation areas.  

The “Delta 50th Anniversary Concert” kicks off a series of celebratory events. The concert features 8K projection with an 800-inch large screen that will provide a breathtaking visual experience to draw public attention to marine ecology.

The Delta 50th anniversary exhibition echoes the company’s commitment to ‘sustainable conservation, nurturing life’
In addition, the Delta 50th anniversary exhibition will be held in July. The themes of the exhibition are: the era, the environment, and Delta. The exhibition space is divided into three areas: Delta INTRO, a screening area, and a special exhibition on economization and life enrichment.

Delta INTRO comprises five themed areas, allowing viewers to experience Delta’s stories from various time periods and to understand how Delta has: developed its strengths in power electronics and energy technology, become a provider of smart solutions and a creator of smart cities, used its products to influence the world, and emphasized environmental protection and climate change. The screening area offers forums, lectures, and multimedia activities to inspire discussion, thought, and reflection. The special exhibition on economization and life enrichment echoes Delta’s business philosophy; presents stories about mountains, rivers, and the island; and integrates Delta’s smart city solutions and 8K projection to express the foundation’s initiatives, and promote environmental care.

Delta celebrates its 50th anniversary globally
In addition to the series of events held at the Taipei headquarters, Delta Electronics Thailand (DET) will join the celebration and hold an 8K VIP special event in a large shopping center in Bangkok in April. At this event, an 8K Delta charity video will be played to let guests experience, visually and vividly, Delta’s most important events over the past 50 years. The year 2021 marks not only Delta’s 50th anniversary but also the 30th anniversary of Delta Electronics Japan (DEJ). DEJ will host a series of promotional activities for products and solutions coinciding with the Summer Olympics in Japan to strengthen the connection between customers and dealers and their brand identity. 

Delta was founded 50 years ago. It has endeavored to enhance the energy efficiency of its products, and is grateful to all of its partners for their support. Over the next 50 years, Delta will continue to focus on challenges related to climate change and work with business partners to use advanced technology for product energy efficiency, thereby creating a sustainable value chain. With its core technology of power electronics, Delta hopes to contribute to mitigating global warming as it actively fulfills its role as a world-class corporate citizen.  

Delta was founded 50 years ago. Delta is grateful to all of its partners for their support. Over the next 50 years, Delta will continue to focus on climate change and advance energy efficiency as it actively fulfills its role as a world-class corporate citizen.  

Please visit the following website for more details on Delta’s 50th anniversary events:  https://delta50.deltaww.com/