Text by: Delta Corporate Sustainability Office

Faye Hsu / Project Manager of Corporate Sustainability Office

I am currently the team leader of Delta’s Sustainability Office. I am in charge of planning and promoting the strategies and projects pertaining to the company’s ESG development. The Sustainability Office is Delta’s ESG think tank. It is responsible for the development and implementation of new sustainability projects, and it often requires to collaborate with various units around the world and communicate with internal and external stakeholders about Delta’s sustainability development through various channels, such as ESG reports, international appraisals, and advocate activities.

Promoting sustainability projects in Delta is full of challenges and meanings. We participate in international coalitions, promise to do what we said, and pursue excellency in each aspect of ESG. Sustainability issues develop rapidly, which requires quick responses and is challenging as well. With the support of executives in the company, the cooperation of all units, and a group of team members who are passionate and have the idea about ESG, we can work hand in hand for sustainability of Delta and the earth.

Mona Yang

I am in charge of international initiatives (such as RE100) and climate change related issues (such as TCFD). In addition to paying attention to the pace of international sustainability, I also endeavor to implement benchmarking practice in Delta through all kinds of internal communication. I always feel that our team is a team that operates great tacit understanding, has members that are energetic and passionate about ESG. They not only have their own specialties either to attack or defend, but share with each other happiness and pain, encourage each other, and tell each other new information without hesitation. It is their open-minded attitudes that encourage me to face the challenges that come in waves.

It’s a blessing to do climate change projects in Delta. While issues of climate change are still caviar to the general, there is actually a business founder in the world who is willing to spend its lifetime to urge the world to pay attention to climate change. The president of this company takes the initiative to mention the influence of climate change in investor conference, and its CEO actively promote 100% renewable energy. They make me feel my responsibility is heavy and there is a long way to go, but it’s full of expectancy.

 Ken Chung

I am mainly in charge of the promotion of energy saving management issues and internal ESG training. My main task at present is to purchase green power in Taiwan, for which I need to delve into Taiwan’s green power development trend and the signing of green power purchase PPA contract. I am very grateful to the management team for their support on international sustainable initiatives and their promises to reach the goal of RE100 by 2030, which makes Delta, one of the large Taiwan companies that operate cross multiple countries, the first company that promises to reach RE100 .

I am honored to implement ESG projects in the leading enterprise that operates across multiple countries from Taiwan. I even have a group of wonderful colleagues who not only have the same ideal as mine but equip with ESG specialties. With whom, we share each other the knowledge and experiences. Although the first half of the year is always the hardiest every year, with colleagues that stand by me in times of trouble, that can discuss and make ESG action plans together, we can gather the spirit for mutual benefits and work together for Delta’s ESG.

Bonnie Liu

I am currently in charge of international sustainability evaluations, such as DJSI, and the promotion of Delta’s carbon emission reduction strategy, such as SBT and internal carbon pricing. Since the evaluations are just as the company’s health examination reports for sustainability, to improve the items written in red on the reports, we not only need to strengthen the communication and discussion with internal and external units, study and analyze international sustainability index and benchmarking practices but consider to integrate the mission of “environmental protection, energy saving and love the earth” to make the performance of sustainability one of Delta’s soft power.

Since the issue of corporate sustainability is always a fresh and big topic, the team of ESG motivates each other to grow and are willing to share what they know with each other. We play both the roles of “knowledge seeker” and “navigator” and inspired together many leading ESG strategies and practices in Delta. We look forward to continuously leading more of forward-looking trends and assisting the company in entering a practicable and sustainable future.

Tim Lien

I am mainly in charge of the promotion of water resources and waste issues, and I have many chances to contact the colleagues in the factory of the company in the process of implementation. I also need to study and analyze the content of the trends, standards and cases and introduce them to the factory for implementation. Although that requires many changes and adjustment, through communication and collaboration with internal units and external supply chains, and through internalization of education, the colleagues can really feel the difference and take further action to change their behaviors and stimulate a good result in reductions.

At Delta, the success of various projects requires the support of the management and collaboration of colleagues in various units for implementation. Although everyone has its own duties, we work together toward the same goal, learn and grow through working on various projects and the collaboration of the colleagues. Working in such an environment, we not only can broaden our visions but continuously improve our abilities.

Wendy Shih

I’ve been working as a team member in the PR team of Delta’s Corporate Information Office since I joined Delta. I am in charge of press release, media activities, internal and external propaganda, guest receptions, etc. for headquarters, BGBU and Region. ESG team and we are good partners for a long time. Since people are paying more and more attention to corporate ESG issues recently, and the demand for ESG promotion internally and externally has increased greatly, I, a good partner, became one of the members of Corporate Sustainability Office seamlessly and am now taking care of ESG related PR jobs.

Although the daily work of PR is in hot haste as usual, in the area of ESG, everything has to be learned from the beginning, such as what ESG stands for and how to integrate various international initiatives with Delta’s business development goal, not to mention the technical terms that takes over my eyeballs and brains every day. However, I have these honest and clear-thinking colleagues who are willing to give me advice every now and then without complaining. I hope the positive energy of the team can continue to promote Delta’s ESG and become a force for sustainable development.