Text by: Delta Camping Club

Lara Huang|PSBG|Zhongli Club Leader
I have joined the Delta family for 15 years already. My motivator for establishing a camping club was simple – to go camping with my colleagues. We put our teamwork into play from such tasks as setting up tents and watching each other’s back. 
Camping is a self-challenging outdoor activity, and it’s not really that comfortable as one may think. But surprisingly, at the end of camping, I began to miss this experience! Beside adult camping activities, we also arrange family activities where the little ones can learn knowledge that is not taught in classrooms. Under the starry sky, we toast to our lives; in stormy days, we cooperate to secure the tents. We support each other to make each camping experience count, whether sweet or bitter. We welcome all who like to challenge a camping life to join us! 
Jiming Wu|FMBG|Taoyuan Club Leader
I have joined Delta family for 13 years, and work in FMBG as a power charger designer. My original intention for starting the club was to enable more diverse activities and create great camping experience with my workmates. The most impressive was the Christmas Party we co-hosted with the Zhongli Club in 2019. There was one time, when we had a 36-hr non-stop rain; and another time, a series of gusts almost the scale of a typhoon that nearly blew away our tents. There were so many unforgettable experiences. They gave me a different life experience outside work. Life is filled with both favorable and adverse situations, but the world is how you perceive it, if you turn your mindset it’s a whole new world.
I have worked in Delta for 10 years as a fan mechanism designer. I’m now into the 7th year of my camping life, and so far, I have gone camping more than a hundred times. I have never imagined that I could be engaged in an outdoor activity for six years! Now I realize, this so-called outdoor activity has already become a part of my life. Many people are wondering, what’s fun about camping? Well, the processes of gathering members, and setting up tents and fires for cooking, are not easy tasks. But seeing the smiles on everyone’s face and the enthusiastic discussions in the group channel after the event, I felt not only satisfying and moving, but also a sense of achievement!
Linda Liao|EISBG 
I have been in Delta for 14 years and I’m responsible for drawing the PCB layout. I was persuaded by Lara’s passion and thus joined the camping club. Camping with colleagues outside of work was, to me, like an outdoor activity that can strengthen the chemistry between work partners. At my first campout, I did not understand what was so charming about camping – choosing to sleep in the middle of nowhere with many inconveniences over the comfort of hotel rooms. It was almost afternoon when we arrived in the mountains. The Club Leader ardently assisted us to set up the tents. After having everything sorted and setup, we started preparing for dinner together. There was also a screen and a small projector set up for the kids to experience an outdoor cinema! My first campout ended in having a good time with everyone. I call upon more colleagues to join us, put down your smartphone and come out into the open! 
Jason Lo|PSBG
I’m an EE and I have already joined Delta for 12 years. My original intention to join the camping club was hoping to give my children  the opportunity to get close to the nature. I remember there was one time in summer, we chose a high elevation camping ground to escape from the summer heat. It has a gravel area, rain shelters and wood cabins, very suitable for first timers. It was during the glowworm season in May, and we were visually feasted and impressed by the beautiful glitters dancing in the valley. The two club leaders are highly hospitable. You’re very welcome to join us! 
Sylvie Chen|HR
I came in touch with camping because I wanted my children to engage in outdoor activities and to learn from them in nature. In Christmas 2019, we had our first campout and my greatest reward from it was the growth I saw in my children, from shy around strangers in the beginning to having several friends now, who they explore, catch insects and adventure together. Although there are hard works involved, such as packing the baggage, setting up the tents, and tidying up things afterwards, children will learn to share their parents’ works, thereby developing a cooperative and responsible personality. Camping is a great activity for physical and mental relaxation during the holidays. It not only promotes family bonding and keeps the children away from electronic media devices, but also increases the positive interaction between colleagues and improve peer relationship. Come and join us! 
Jimmy Tseng|PSBG
I’m responsible for notebook/cell phone charger development. This is my 11th year in Delta. I’m also a father of two. My weekdays are normally engaged by work and so I would make the most of my weekends and holidays by arranging family activities. When I knew about Delta’s camping club, I registered the whole family immediately. In these campouts, we once came under stormy rain, trying to setup up tents all wet; we also came cross scale 13 typhoon-equivalent gusts, terrifying the kids who were crying to go home, while the adults were worried the tents might get blown away. Thought the process might not be all that perfect, they were one of our most memorable camping experiences.