This year marks the 10th year of Delta Brand News Bi-monthly. To go digital, the Brand News established its own website a few years ago and was integrated with Delta official website and Line last year to interact with readers and optimize reading experience. This year, we slightly adjust the contents and columns; a new column, “Sustainability,” was added. Delta continues to pay close attention to corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performances. We won 10 awards in “Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards” (TCSA) and “Global Corporate Sustainability Award” (GCSA) in 2020. Sustainable development is one important aspect of brand promotion. In this issue, we’ll celebrate and share with you Delta’s CSR achievements over the years. 

Delta is dedicated to developing and using renewable energy. This issue’s “Special Report” features the successful case of solar energy from Southern Germany. Delta used half the site to build 1,500 photovoltaic inverters and transformed the remaining space into a green space to help reduce the park’s carbon dioxide emission, minimizing the impact to ecology. It is a great demonstration of environmentally friendly energy solutions. Please do stay tuned!

Used to follow regional marketing managers, this year “Brand People” will be featuring marketing managers from branded business groups/units. In this issue, we introduce IABG, which has 30 years of practice in brand promotion. Ms. Jasmin Hu, marketing manager from IABG, will be sharing IABG brand promotion projects and marketing strategies in industrial automation and smart manufacturing in recent years, as well as her experience and thoughts from her 11 years at Delta.

Global electric vehicles (EV) and charging infrastructure are rapidly developing. With years of experience, Delta collaborated with ElectrAssure from the United Kingdom to provide EV charging solutions for Volkswagen UK Ltd; while in Taiwan, our compact and powerful EV charger, AC MAX, has won “Taiwan Excellence Award”. More exciting contents can be found in “Brand Circle”. 

This issue’s “Green Life” features Delta (Taiwan) largest club - the Camping Club. Take a look at how they practice the brand spirit, “Smarter. Greener. Together.”, and implement carbon reduction in outdoor activities!


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