Embrace change to continue innovation
Interview with head of Delta Industrial Automation BG marketing management Ms. Jasmin Hu

Text by: BMO

The 2020 “Brand People” Column interviewed marketing executives of respective regions to understand Delta’s localization marketing strategy from a frontline perspective. In 2021, we plan to extend the strategy to marketing executives of respective business groups. We hope gain a deeper insight into how to use the brand to promote businesses through these frontline promoters. Established for nearly 30 years, Delta’s IABG is dedicated to industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing. For this issue of “Brand People”, we interviewed IABG’s marketing manager Ms. Jasmin Hu and had her share IABG’s marketing strategy and brand promotion plan, as well as her 11 years of experience working at Delta. 

Close professional workforce cooperation compounds effects of diverse development
In recent years, intelligent manufacturing has become an indispensable technical capacity to usher in Industry 4.0. With its efficient and professional division of labor and diverse marketing integration capacity, Delta’s IABG marketing workforce has continued to enhance its brand awareness in the field of industrial automation. When sharing the workforce’s organization and planning, marketing manager Jasmin said “Under IABG’s organizational planning, the marketing workforce performs like platform units in the form of one-to-many that correspond to respective business units and respective countries.” IABG’s marketing colleagues include those who are good at planning and compilation, industrial design and multimedia design. They are not only professional but also equipped with the capacity of diverse integration. Jasmin added, “In addition to planning, our planning and compilation colleagues must also have proficient foreign language skills to communicate with the respective business units of each region. Aside from drawing design layouts, our design colleagues are also required to plan domestic exhibitions. From the course of planning and implementation, they have become capable of working on more diversified elements and have gained creative inspiration to make the designed interfaces and appearance more localized”. 

IABG marketing team

Sharing of cloud tanks with non-restricted cross-region collaboration 
While IABG’s business extends all over the globe, to effectively cooperate with marketing units of respective regions for brand promotion and to ingrain the brand locally, Jasmin shared her division’s recent achievements. She said, “We have built a central cloud library to share a variety of designs, documents and process reference resources to enhance work efficiency and productivity. The central library continuously accumulates knowledge and experience, offers a data platform and establishes brand guidelines. In addition, the production material template is made and used to assist overseas colleagues in quickly putting things in place.” Jasmin further explained, “Taking exhibition boards as an example: customer reading habits and style preferences may vary from region to region, so the main points of the product exhibition boards used in Taiwan’s exhibitions may not be quickly understood by our overseas colleagues. In this case, we store the template produced by the designer of our marketing unit in the central library to share with our marketing and business colleagues in respective regions. Colleagues may directly download it from the cloud, translate it into their local language and develop an exhibition project suitable for local communication.” 

Combination of online and offline promotion to have in-depth brand communication 
The impact of the severe pandemic last year has changed the way we hold events and has accelerated the brand’s digital transformation. Our 2020 product presentation moved from the original offline stage to the online platform in the form of a webinar. This allowed customers throughout the world to simultaneously participate in this outstanding event through a live broadcast. Jasmin further explained that “24 webinars were held last year, and more than 40 chapters and sections were excerpted. They were themed on the topics of smart manufacturing, industry solutions, joint promotion with intelligent manufacturing cooperation partners, equipment, warehousing, and more, and combined digital advertising to reinforce brand publicity. With this series of activities, we built a hardcore audience. The audience showed up at almost every activity. At the same time, through the live broadcast, we conducted a questionnaire survey on requirements for intelligent manufacturing consultation and were able to approach many potential customers and expand our business opportunities.” With regard to the 2021 marketing strategy, Jasmin shared her planning and deployment as follows: “It depends on this year’s pandemic status, but the development of online digital marketing will be the required focus. If the pandemic mitigates, we will hold project exchange seminars for key accounts in the Taiwan region, such as special class-type seminars, to explore different business opportunities. We also plan to participate in the Taipei International Automation Exhibition in August.” By flexibly integrating online and offline marketing tools and switching the communication mode in a timely way, we hope to develop our brand publicity both broad and deep.  

IABG team hosted the seminar and webinar to commuincate the topics of "Automation for a Changing World"  in the Taipei International Automation Exhibition.

Tertiary college cooperation with an industrial and academic alliance to build highly efficient momentum 
To nurture automation R&D talent, IABG has unfolded their plans for industrial and academic cooperation since 2011. Narrowing the gap between industry and academia in diversified ways, such as establishing joint labs, organizing competitions, training, and others. Jasmin said, “We have carried out industrial and academic cooperation in Taiwan, mainland China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and others., in which the IA workforces of respective regions have communicated and negotiated with their local schools to set up automation labs—although it is not certain whether the lab has been established or not. In China, the Delta Cup University Automation Design Competition has been held by Delta Greentech in Wujiang for six years in a row, which drew tertiary college players from various countries to participate.” With the help of talent cultivation and alliance competition, students can better understand Delta’s intelligent manufacturing development concepts and technology. Jasmin continued to explain that, “The classroom image arrangement and product or project introduction have been designed and presented in accordance with Delta’s template, so students become familiar with the Delta brand in their school years, which will further wield great brand influence.” 

Delta collaborates with NCU to sign MOU to promote Industry 4.0 practice and innovation. (Right 3) IABG General Manager Andy Liu (Right 1) IABG marketing manager Jasmin Hu.

Embrace change to create a new future
Jasmin has been working at IABG’s marketing unit since she first joined Delta, and it is going to be 11 years this March. She humbly noted that “I have learned a lot and actually can go further through collaboration which can even go beyond my limits and imagination. I anticipate that, whether it is the growth of work or performance, I will keep breaking through my limits all the time.” Jasmin considers it crucial to set a vision and goal and keep an open mind to constantly learn new knowledge and make headway towards the goal step by step, which is the only way to lead to success. Thus, she encourages her colleagues to “embrace change to continue innovative thinking. While the external environment is unpredictable, we can only maintain sensitivity with an open attitude and get ready for upcoming challenges.”