Delta supports SG’s Manufacturing Ecosystem
Solutions to enhance flexibility in transformation

Text by: DRC

As the Industry 4.0 Transformation is gathering speed around the globe, Delta has joined the 15-partner consortium led by Singapore Polytechnic to provide end-to-end solutions package that will empower Small Medium Enterprises, Local Large Enterprises and Multi-National Corporations in the local manufacturing sector to accelerate their adoption of I4.0 technologies and upskill their workforce.

On October 14th Delta signed an MOU with Singapore Polytechnic (SP), German global testing, inspection, certification and training company TÜV SÜD, and Singapore’s Smart i4.0 Transformation Alliance (SiTA). Delta and SiTA will supply Smart Manufacturing solutions while TUV SUD will provide assessments. SP will conduct the relevant workforce upskilling programmes.

Joint efforts to facilitate I4.0 progress
With the support from Enterprise Singapore, these four partners have developed a unique one-day Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey (AMLJ) programme. Through the AMLJ, business leaders will have the opportunity to visit SP’s facilities such as Advanced Manufacturing Centre as well as the manufacturing facilities of the ecosystem collaborators to gain first-hand experience on applying i4.0 technologies to plants, equipment and systems so as to improve production productivity.
Delta Chief Technology Officer Thomas Li said, “In Singapore, we have been actively participating in Enterprise Singapore and SkillsFuture’s program to support Industry 4.0 enhancement initiatives. By the design of AMLJ, each and every participating in the learning journey can see, touch and feel not only the technical ingredients, but also learn how to apply the solution to real scenarios. We believe, through collaboration, we can all advance further into the new world of smart manufacturing.”

Solutions to enhance flexibility in transformation
Delta will focus on digitisation and intelligence solutions for smart manufacturing, including AI, edge and cloud computing for effective analytics, and interconnected cyber-physical security across man, machine and system.

For instance, the Auto Defect Classification(ADC) solution is to tackle the challenge of high overkill rate which is often seen in some existing Auto Optical Inspection(AOI) practices. By leveraging Deep Learning to optimize the AOI performance, Delta Research Center’s ADC solution can lower the overkill rate and the double check-up needs by labor. Based on the implementation result in Delta’s factory, the accuracy rate is higher than 99.7% with zero defect leakage while the error rate is less than 0.3%.

Meanwhile, the Predicative Maintenance Solution applies AI in analysing data from product line machines. It enables the real-time monitoring of machines and predicts when the machine needs maintenance. It frees factories from the traditional routine of scheduled maintenance and enhance the flexibility of companies. Hence the maintenance cost can be further saved. As seen in the case of Delta’s factory, the solution can achieve 95% and above in terms of anomaly detection accuracy.

Through these solutions deployed in SP’s Advanced Manufacturing Center, visitors attending the learning journey will be able to discover how their existing equipment, processes and systems can be converted to be I4.0 ready with minimal resources and disruptions to current operations. In addition to AMLJ, Delta also joins the Global Technology Innovation Village (GTiV) platform that is led by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and SP. Together with 19 organizations including SkillsFuture Singapore and JTC, Delta will share knowledge and expertise in advanced manufacturing with regional government and business leaders at GTiV site in SP campus.

Delta signed MOU with partners in Singapore to jointly build the Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey in Singapore Polytechnic, sharing knowledge and expertise with business leaders.

Delta demonstrated the Auto Defect Classification Solution. It can automatically detect and classify what type of defect it is to support production process.

Also demoed in the Advanced Manufacturing Learning Journey is the Transformable Intelligent Machine developed by Delta Research Center. It enhances flexibility of machine through intelligent, modular and standardized approaches.