A decade has passed since Delta launched its "Brand inauguration" in 2010. How time flies! In the past decade, we have successfully transformed from a component supplier to a provider of system integration solutions with a persistent commitment to innovation and energy efficiency. Even more impressive is Delta's agile response to the challenges arising from the epidemic by investing more in digital marketing, community management and integrating online and offline platforms to strengthen brand communication. We are proud to announce the tenth successive selection as Best Taiwan Global Brand. Delta's brand value has increased remarkably over eight consecutive years with an 11% growth from 2019 to 2020, reaching US$331 million. We'd like to share this glorious achievement with all the colleagues whose endeavor made it happen.

In line with Delta's global brand deployment, the reorganized Delta Greentech has established the "Strategic Marketing Department?" which combines former Marketing Communication Department, Service Hotline Center, and Sales Admin Department. In this issue's "Brand People", Ms. Vivien Feng, marketing director of Delta Greentech, shares how she unleashed brand synergy by utilizing her marketing capability of the three units, and her insight and experience in Delta over the years.

We have introduced the highly valued smart WELL buildings in the previous issues. Now, it’s time for you to have a real-life experience by simply paying a visit to the Taipei headquarters! A "people-oriented" smart and healthy space integrating a Digital Management Center, U-Office, WELL-Office, Standard Meeting Rooms, Relaxation Area, and Mobile Meeting Rooms has been realized on the 2nd floor by BABG. There are more smart and considerate designs in this issue's Special Report. Please don’t miss out!

Amid the increasing competition to accelerate digital transformation to Industry 4.0, Delta enters the alliance led by the Singapore Polytechnic to jointly build Singapore's advanced manufacturing ecosystem. To help enterprises transform flexibly and enter the brand-new world of smart manufacturing, "IoT Smart Solutions" reveal how Delta Research Institute support the digitalization of smart manufacturing by offering AI, edge and cloud computing for effective data analysis, and virtually and physically integrated security solutions for man-machine systems etc.

Have you ever observed coral reefs at close range? We sincerely invite you to work with Delta Foundation volunteers, to restore the endangered coral reefs from the marine environment devastated by climate change. Our volunteers contributed their effort to categorize corals, study the habitat environment and plant corals to inspire more people being aware of carbon reduction. Stay tuned with "Delta Green Life" for more wonderful contents.


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