Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta Electronics, Inc. was awarded honorary doctorate degree

Text by: Corp. Comm

"The collaborative effort made by all the colleagues and partners was definitely the cause that earned us public recognition and identification from the society," Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta, expressed his gratitude at the honorary doctorate degree awarding ceremony held at NTU on November 15.

Among all the industry–academia cooperation projects between Delta and NTU, Mr. Cheng recounted the solar and electric vehicles developed by Delta foundation and NTU's Department of Mechanical Engineering in which excellent talents were recruited by Delta, paving Delta's technological foundation in the fields of renewable energy and electric vehicles. In addition, the "Green Capitalism" course was jointly organized in 2006 by Delta and NTU's College of Management in which Dr. Amory Lovins, former U.S. president Clinton's consultant on energy, and his technology team were invited to deliver lectures. Other on-going projects also include a wide variety of fields, such as smart manufacturing, deep learning algorithms, motor design for industrial automation, electric vehicle power systems and test platforms, as well as optical & medical lab equipment etc.

Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta, received honorary doctorate degree from Mr. Zhong-min Guan, president of NTU.