Digital exhibitions overcome social distance
Online platforms enrich the visitor experience in the post-pandemic era

Text by: BMO

The Covid-19 outbreak of 2020 has had a significant effect on every industry. Exhibitions around the world have been cancelled or delayed. In the face of this challenge, Delta has responded swiftly and coordinated its business units to adjust its approach to holding exhibitions. Using online technology to overcome restrictions brought on by physical distance and time differences, Delta launched a live streaming event in June for Computex Online Talks as well as an online virtual tour. In July, Delta hosted a 360° interactive virtual exhibition in Europe, while in September, Delta’s virtual exhibition took place in Shanghai for the China International Industry Fair.  

Delta’s Computex Online Talks live streaming
At this year’s Computex Taipei—an international technology exhibition celebrating its 40th anniversary— the organizer decided to delay the event due to Covid-19. This would be the second time that Computex was postponed, as the first time occurred during the SARS outbreak in 2003. Delta has participated in Computex for almost ten years. Each time, Delta’s exhibition theme has matched issues of current public concern with its business highlights. Last winter, the brand management team worked to develop the theme for the exhibition, and chose “Smart Well Being” to express Delta’s philosophy. Coincidentally, the theme echoes this year’s global pandemic, making the concept even more meaningful. 

Originally scheduled to take place in June, Computex was downscaled as a result of the postponement. The organizer, Taiwan External Trade Development Council, decided to live stream online talks and invited a number of enterprises including Delta to present their exhibitions online. For this event, Delta’s Chief Brand Officer Shan-shan Kuo introduced the company’s headquarters in Taipei, which was awarded LEED Platinum Green Building Certification, and showed Delta’s rooftop microgrid and 8K projection technology. Richard Chang, Senior Director of IWBI™ Asia, shared the concept of smart and healthy buildings, which places importance on not only green architecture but also the physical and psychological well-being of occupants. Wen-hsing Chiang, Senior Director of Delta’s Building Automation Solutions Business Unit, also demonstrated how to combine smart energy conservation, health, and comfort in buildings by integrating energy control technologies and IoT platforms in accordance with the WELL Building Standard.

Through the Computex Online Talks, Delta provided a thorough explanation of its exhibition theme and presented the company’s business development highlights. Delta’s presentation was generally well-received on social media, generating more than 170,000 views, making it the most popular among all participating companies. 

Delta joined the Computex Online Talks in June. (From right )Representing Delta were: Senior Director of Delta’s Building Automation Solutions Business Unit Mr. Wen-hsing Chiang,
Chief Brand Officer Ms. Shan-shan  Kuo, and Senior Director of IWBI™ Asia Richard Chang, talking about how to construct smart buildings using IoT. The presentation generated more than 170,000 views online.

Lifelike virtual tour for an immersive experience 
In the face of the global impact of Covid-19 and the adjustments made by the Computex exhibition, Delta quickly responded by changing its physical exhibition design into an online tour featuring IoT smart solutions and a smart green building designed for people’s health and happiness. Viewers could “visit” the exhibition anytime using their mobile devices. The virtual tour included 8K projection from the lobby, a work area introducing building automation solutions, a plant factory and health bar, outdoor energy infrastructure, a B2C Innergie charging experience, and graphic plans of each business unit. 

Delta’s Computex Virtual Tour “SMART WELL BEING” included a booth to introduce green buildings.

Visit a trade fair from home — 360° virtual tour for Hannover Messe 
Hannover Messe is one of the world’s most important trade fairs for industrial technology. This year it was cancelled for the first time in its 70 years of history due to the pandemic. Delta EMEA launched a 360° Virtual Trade Fair on the original opening dates of the event. Extending from different themes, the tour laid out all the solutions provided by Delta EMEA. With detailed explanations offered by the virtual character Eva, viewers were able to click on menus to learn more about Delta’s products and solutions. 

Delta EMEA used “Pioneering Energy-efficient Infrastructure Technologies” as its theme and demonstrated innovative and energy-efficient smart solutions in fields ranging from 5G, IoT edge computing, electric cars, to smart manufacturing. The solutions included industrial automation, building automation, telecom power and edge data center solutions, solar inverters, EV charging infrastructure, LED lighting, and thermal management solutions. 

Delta EMEA launched a brand new 360° virtual tour guided by the virtual character Eva, who invited viewers to step into Delta’s virtual booth.

Combining physical and virtual exhibitions at China International Industry Fairs for all-round communication online and offline
China International Industry Fair is a major event for China’s industrial automation. It was one of the few large fairs that could still be held in the second half of 2020. In addition to building a physical booth at the venue, Delta also set up a virtual booth online for customers that could not attend the event personally. With proportional 3D models, online participants were able to learn about Delta’s products and major themes using their mobile devices. Through this platform, Delta was also able to collect customer data, explore business opportunities, and promote its brand image. The themes of Delta’s exhibition resonated with the concept of “IoT Smart Solutions,” which focused on smart factories and smart buildings, and demonstrated “new infrastructure” that would accelerate smart manufacturing and create a promising future for smart cities. 

Delta’s 2020 Online Tour for China International Industry Fair combined the physical and virtual worlds to highlight the concept of “IoT Smart Solutions” and improve the viewer’s experience.

The new-normal for exhibitions—combine physical and virtual worlds online
The Covid-19 outbreak has changed the way we interact with one another as well as other aspects of our lifestyles. It has been a crisis and a turning point. As we change the way we work, the development of the Internet and digital services has progressed, and new opportunities have occurred. The impact of the pandemic includes the growing importance of online exhibitions for enterprises in the future. This new approach has allowed exhibitions to overcome geographical limitations and time differences. Participants can visit any exhibition booth from home at any time. 

In addition, online exhibitions can help increase the depth and breadth of brand communication and maintain connections with customers. In terms of breadth, diverse audiovisual materials and social medial livestreaming strengthens company messaging. With regard to depth, immersive 3D virtual booths enrich the viewer experience together with audio tours. Online technology will make the content of exhibitions even more flexible, and the combination of digitalized and physical exhibitions will become the norm in the future and augment brand communications. 

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