Text by: DEJ marketing

For Brand People of this issue, we interviewed Mr. Sakaguchi, Marketing Supervisor of Delta Electronics Japan (DEJ). Also, for this time of “People”, we invited the DEJ marketing team to share their work experience. Located in Minato, Tokyo, the team promotes the brand in the publicity activities held in Northeast Asia with professional division of labor and flexible management mechanism. 

Kouichi IKEDA,
I have already joined Delta as well as its DEJ marketing team for seven years and nine months. The main content of my work is to plan exhibitions and publicity ads, ranging from pre-exhibition planning, activity execution to exhibition layout, in the hope of achieving the best brand publicity. In addition, I am also responsible for planning product promotional films and company’s exhibition design. These are very precious experience for me. Other than requiring understanding all of Delta’s products, I also need to do multi-unit communication and coordination. Although the process is not easy, I feel fulfilling at the same time. I would like to make every effort to try everything I want, and I always cherish the opportunities given by the company. 

I have worked for the DEJ marketing team for four years and three months. My job is divided into two categories of legal related affairs and organization of strategic reports as well as budget proposals. The legal task items include contract review, litigation cases and colleague legal consultation. Currently, we have tried to introduce artificial intelligence automatic review to enhance our work efficiency. On the other hand, DEJ has also provided legal related study program to reinforce colleagues’ legal common knowledge and help business promotion. When handling legal related tasks, it is crucial to make any objective judgment and acquire important information in the position of third parties at any time. I think it is very important to deal with work with an “active and aggressive” attitude and find out the real meaning behind each case, so as to make the initiative to take on the challenge and not to have inertia affect my work motivation or life.

Aaron YANG
It has been three years and one month since I joined DEJ. I am routinely responsible for webpage management, digital marketing, and assistance in exhibition planning. Last year, we performed 10 exhibitions, but as affected by the pandemic this year, we have planned a digital platform to strengthen external brand communication. I have often been put in cross-cultural and cross-functional communication. However, with its cultural diversity, Delta is like a big family where colleagues coordinate with each other to meet their optimal balance. In addition, Delta has also offered its personnel the opportunity for diversified trial and development, so they can exert their forte on the stage as much as possible. 

Marco HUNG
I have served DEJ for almost three years. My responsibility is to support business activities, such as preparing promotional materials and catalogues required by business promotion, assisting large format designs for exhibition, and organizing the company’s exhibition planning and product introduction. Amid the cumbersome task atmosphere, I have devoted my effort to cultivating my enthusiasm to every task and confirming clear goals through continuous communication with our partners, although it is not an easy job. Nevertheless, I am convinced that if I make an all-out effort with an aggressive attitude to confront challenges, it will end up with good results. 

I have been with DEJ for almost two years. I mainly support the PVI unit for the tasks such as exhibition and advertising poster production, etc. At the same time, I also take charge of Delta’s brand promotion in Japan, such as film and webpage production, maintenance of SNS text, etc. The video production of the Yokohama Electric Vehicle Charging Station covered by “Special Report” at this issue was planned by me, and it was really a fantastic experience. The challenge I often face in task execution is to clearly express my ideas and thoroughly comprehend the message from the other side. DEJ’s semiannual general conference helped me observe the way each colleague speaks and the point of view they wish to convey. On the other hand, the experience as an interpreter has also helped me understand varying ideas from everyone else.