Two years ago, Delta combined the functions of energy management with shopping and recreation to build a compound EV charging station at Computex Taipei. Today, this idea is truly realized in Yokohama, Japan! Delta recently collaborated with Idenmitsu Showa Shell, the second-largest petroleum company in Japan, to renovate a gas stations in Yokohama as an EV charging station. It integrates Delta’s energy storage systems and EV charging solutions into a Smart Grid solution. Meanwhile, Delta’s sub-brand, Innergie, setup the world’s first Innergie Café to provide the market applications of IoT retail solutions and a new business model of green EV charging station. More exciting details are available in the “Special Report”. 

The successful case of Yokohama EV charging station has been widely reported in the media in Japan, for which the marketing workforce of Delta Japan (DEJ) marketing team, deserved all the credit. For this issue’s “Brand People”, we specifically interviewed Mr. Sakaguchi Tomohide, the head of DEJ marketing management, and asked him to share his experience of his ten years working in Delta and how DEJ marketing team responded to the challenge of this year’s epidemic, how they co-work with business units to develop digital marketing and integrate activities to continuously enhance brand exposures. As DEJ’s 30th anniversary coincides with next year’s Tokyo Olympics, Mr. Sakaguchi Tomohide hopes that such event will be a platform for the public to better understand Delta’s green energy solutions and bring the brand synergy into full play.  

Exhibitions have been an important channel for Delta’s external brand communication and get in touch with the media and customers. Nevertheless, affected by the coronavirus pandemic this year, many exhibitions around the world have been canceled or made with the online form. In addition, due to restrictions on aviation and traffic, physical meetings and business trips have become more difficult. To cope with such change, Delta has adjusted its exhibition form and promotion strategy since the beginning of this year. As such, in the post-epidemic era, this issue’s “IoT Smart Solutions” will show you how we use digital technology to market our products at the COMPUTEX Taipei, Hannover Messe in Germany and China International Industry Fair, and how we combine online and offline platforms to promote our brand and develop a new exhibition model. 

Renewable energy has apparently become the trend of the future. This issue’s Delta Green Life introduces the report of Renewable Power Generation Costs published by IRENA. It indicates that the cost of green power is falling and is now comparable with coal-fired power and we are heading towards a low-carbon and energy-efficiency way of living. By cooperating with IMF, IEA has released the “Sustainable Recovery Report”, in which a number of green actions that can protect environment, boost economic growth and create jobs have been proposed in the report. We hereby invite you to care for the issue and play an active role in protecting the environment.


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