Delta joins TAITRA online conference
IoT products and solutions meet new challenge

Text by: DRC

The Covid-19 epidemic has changed the work and lifestyles of people around the world, and it has also brought new IoT business opportunities for enterprises. On May 7th in the Taiwan Excellence "Remote Video Online Press Conference" held by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Delta Electronics introduced the theme "A New Way of Work" to present two IoT products and solutions developed by Delta to hundreds of domestic and foreign media and buyers that will help enterprises meet today’s new challenges.

Dr. Shihhan Chan (third from right) of the Delta Research Institute represented Delta to participate in the Taiwan Excellence "Remote Video Online Press Conference ". 

Mr. Simon Wang, executive vice president of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, mentioned in his opening speech for the online press conference that contactless business opportunities have grown significantly during the epidemic, and its output value will increase by 80%, to 16 trillion NT dollars in 5 years. The Taiwan External Trade Development Council, in conjunction with several Taiwanese telecommunications companies including Delta, also discussed the topic of "Video Conference and Distance Learning" at the online live press conference. The number of simultaneous viewers of the live streaming event exceeded 200, and the conference received an inquiry from NCN Magazine in India. The cumulative number of views at press time was nearly 2000, which demonstrated the popularity of distance/online learning topics.

The products and solutions exhibited by Delta Electronics at the event were its wireless presentation and collaboration system "NovoConnect", which is a smart conference system, as well as the smart online learning platform DeltaKnEW Academy, which was launched in Singapore in 2018. From the aspects of work and online/distance learning, Delta helps enterprises and individuals adapt to new challenges with new ways of working.

The NovoConnect smart conference system, which won the Taiwan Excellence award in 2020, mainly focuses on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Since mobile devices have gradually become today’s handy tools for work, they should also allow users to easily import cloud information during meetings and effectively construct enterprise conference rooms.

Going beyond today’s projection products and conference tools that apply to a single device, Delta’s NovoConnect system can be used for the collaborative projection of mobile phones, tablets, and computers, and is compatible with multiple operating systems such as Windows/ iOS/ Android/ Chromebook. NovoConnect also allows numerous people to present different cloud information from applications and services at the same time, and to achieve an interactive cooperation model that enables sharing, comparison, discussion and Q & A. These strengths of NovoConnect also help to improve the quality and efficiency of meeting communications, facilitate decision-making, and enhance the competitiveness of the team.

DeltaKnEW Academy, a smart online learning platform developed by Delta Electronics, has web and mobile versions. Its content contains a variety of Industry 4.0 knowledge and skills contributions by Delta and global partners, which can help professionals and enterprises to re-skill and up-skill easily and adapt to changing times and business spheres.

In particular, the platform has several patented functions specifically designed for online learning, such as a marker function that can be used as a digital bookmark. It not only allows lecturers to mark important paragraphs, but also allows students to "mark" key points for themselves. The chapter segmentation tool that applies to video is more convenient for users to quickly target the content. The users’ data analysis is complemented by recommended personalized courses that magnify learning effects and optimize learner experiences.

After working with Nanyang Technological University, the DeltaKnEW Academy platform has also become a part of Singapore ’s SkillsFuture program since the end of 2018. Singapore citizens and permanent residents who apply for this series of courses can receive up to 90% of the course allowance, and the alumni of Nanyang Technological University can further use the alumni course allowance to apply for all courses. The platform helps enhance the competitiveness of talent in Singapore.

As an open platform, both schools and enterprises can join as partners and provide courses, teachers, and practical training on the platform. For content production, Delta also provides related solutions and tools to help partners produce online courses. From NovoConnect, a wireless smart conference system, to smart learning solutions and platforms, Delta ’s multi-IoT solutions can help enterprises and individuals enhance their competitiveness in this era of change.

The NovoConnect smart conference system supports numerous people using different platforms and devices, while sharing screen images and collaborating at the same time to improve communication quality and accelerate the process of reaching consensus and decision-making.

The Smart Learning Solution, which includes three major aspects of platform, content and data, can assist enterprises and individuals to re-skill, up-skill, and strengthen their competitiveness.