In the first half of the year, the world went through drastic changes. COVID-19 pandemic affects people in almost all aspects, including our daily life, work, and even commercial activities. Global exhibitions are a typical example that are severely impacted. In recent months, most exhibitions have been postponed or canceled, but Delta’s brand communication did not stop. Instead, we actively cooperated with various units, introducing Delta products and solutions via diversified channels such as virtual exhibition, online presentation and webinar, etc. In June, we will launch the internet streaming of Computex Online Talks together with Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRAwww). The theme of the talk, SMART WELL BEING, a combination of “smart” and “well-being”, will be presented. In this issue’s Brand News Bi-Monthly, we give you a sneak peek of the experience of smart healthy building that applies Delta’s building automation, energy management and B2C consumer products. So do stay tuned! 

In recent years, Delta has been committed to providing integrated solutions, entering the industry by combining core technologies of various business groups to satisfy customers and market demand. This issue’s Special Report brings you the success story of Kinmen’s Xiaxing Power Plant, an integrated project by EISBG, BABG and ESDBD, which is so far Taipower’s largest energy storage system. The successful experience can be applied on more smart grid constructions in Taiwan in the future. 

Facing the mega trend, energy transformation and carbon reduction will be the next wave. Delta pays close attention to market trends and customer demand, continues to research, and is committed to providing integrated solutions. In this issue’s Brand People, we interviewed the GM of EISBG, Mr. JJ Chang, where he shared with us his experience in leading his team in embracing the new trend of energy, and establishing Delta’s leading position in energy management, as well as his thirty years of experience and thoughts in Delta. 

Delta has been focusing on environmental issues since a long time ago. On Earth Day, we launch a film dialogue and adaptation competition for the 8K film, Songs of Whales, to arouse the attention on the environment and ocean conservation through the participants’ creativity. With the changes in the environment of manufacturing industry, Delta combines OT and IT in establishing a manufacturing system applicable to the industry, taking the first step in smart transformation. “Comprehensive Management System for Smart Archives” incorporates building control and application requirements to help Tianjin's Xiqing Archive in implementing smart monitoring. More stories await you in Brand Circle. 

This issue’s Delta Green Life brings you Community Resilience Planning and Clean Energy Initiatives, where 66 resilient cities all over the world turn global warming crisis into opportunities. In People & Product, we invited the team of Delta’s B2C brand Innergie to share its brand value and brand activities that are close to consumers.

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