Diligence to create the new trends in energy
Interview with Mr. JJ Chang, EISBG general manager

Text by: BMO

Delta has extensive experience in power management solutions. However, following the trend of the general environment, energy transformation and carbon reduction will be the next wave of change. Delta pays close attention to this market trends and customer needs, and continues to develop and provides integrated solutions. In this issue of the Brand People, we have a special interview with Mr. JJ Chang, the general manager of EISBG (Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Solutions Business Group), who won the award of 30 year’s seniority and outstanding contribution this year, and he was asked to share with everybody the blueprint and more than thirty years of experience and thoughts at Delta. 

IoT-based smartness for efficient energy management, creating new trends in energy use
Before taking over EISBG, Mr. JJ Chang served as the general manager of PSBG (PC and Systems Business Group). He shared with us about how he shifted from the IT industry to the energy industry which is a vastly different experience for him. Delta has rich experience and technical capabilities, and has established a global leading position in the IT industry. As the awareness of the publics for energy use gradually increases, energy sustainability also becomes a major issue. The EISBG, which refers to Energy Infrastructure and Industrial Solutions Business Group, is composed of more than 10 business units that focused on brands and solutions. Its business scope extends to the fields of energy infrastructure and industrial applications. And for the future business plan of EISBG, General Manager Chang believes that by creating a solution of IoT-based smartness for efficient energy management, we will enter the power and energy industry, and effect a transition from the IT industry to the ET industry so that Taiwan can become a leader in the energy industry. Business models, such as offering highly integrated energy facility solutions, using background data analysis, and providing customers with the most humane and the most digitally advanced integration services, are important in the future.

 "IoT-based smartness for efficient energy management" is the central focus of EISBG's continuous efforts to optimize efficiency of energy use with a highly integrated big data analytics solution

General Manager Chang, who has many years of sales experience, also shared with us EISBG's key business development and blueprints in recent years. "We focused on several areas of power application, including backup power sources for power plants, green power construction for large-scale electricity users, microgrids in industrial parks or a limited area, and ancillary services for the power grid. We are also committed to developing smart charging solutions to solve the problem of the EV overload" said Mr. Chang in his sharing.

In the market of power applications, EISBG established its market influence with fast and complete solutions. The Xiaxing Power Plant project at Kinmen is the application of backup power for the power plant, whereas the megawatt energy control / energy storage system for Changhua Normal University belongs to the categories of construction of green power grid for large-scale electricity users and the application of microgrids in industrial parks or a limited area. In addition, by making use of energy control technology, the integration of solar energy, energy storage, energy management systems and electric vehicle charging facilities can be integrated to optimize the efficiency of energy use for charging stations. The demonstration site for this solution at Ruiguang Building in Taipei has been completed and the charging station at the Fremont headquarters in the United States will be completed soon. At the same time, in the European and U.S. markets where electric vehicles are more popular, EISBG actively promotes a complete energy approach, in which the equipment, services, solutions, equipment maintenance, and big data analytics are all products that EISBG offers to customers, making it differ sharply from former products. 

Setting a foothold in Taiwan and achieving business growth by thinking globally
Regarding marketing strategies, General Manager Chang also shared with us the business scope of EISBG, as well as opportunities and competitive advantages in various regions. "PV inverters, industrial power supplies, projectors, and charging piles have been sold in major global markets. On top of that, we have stepped up a significant amount of efforts on business expansion of new products such as LED Driver, Image (Medical Image), PCS (Power Conditioning System), etc. While EISBG strives to grow business in Taiwan, it also promotes suitable solutions based on practical needs in different regions. In U. S., we focus on power grids and commercial applications. In Europe, we provide integrated solutions that combine charging poles, energy storage, and energy management systems. In Northeast Asia, our major target customers are Japan's utility companies, automobile manufacturers, and manufacturers of fuel-cell power generation equipment. In China, our principle focuses are wind energy and energy storage."

As for the model for regional cooperation, EISBG hopes to accelerate the strength and speed of business development in regions through actual results. "We provided an integration platform for software and hardware systems, and then the regional business unit can offer solutions with a small-scale customization and added value according to customer needs. Power electronics is the core technology to implement these applications. Delta has top expertise in the industry in terms of technical capabilities, product design, and manufacturing. This is our competitive advantage. In order to strengthen our competitive advantages, EISBG will work with regions on this basis to expand the range of applications in the market, improve our control technology, build system platforms, and establish integration capabilities" General Manager Chang further explained. 

Mr. JJ Chang (eighth from the left) has been devoting himself to product and technology development for many years. In the 12th Delta Innovation Award, a special award of Outstanding Patent Contribution was granted in recognition of General Manager Chang's contribution. 

Multi-partner consolidation to move forward and extend brand influence
Regarding Delta's integrated solutions in recent years, General Manager Chang also shared with us the business model of EISBG. "Through cross-BG cooperation, we entered various industries and baked a cake bigger for Delta. By combining respective capabilities and strengths of business groups, EISBG coordinates other BGs and provide products, system integration, and solutions that meet customer needs." Recently, the EISBG has successfully consolidated efforts with BABG and ESDBD in the project for Kinmen's Xiaxing Power Plant, and in the meantime, they also worked with ICTBG and IABG. In the future, there will be more diversified sales models, such as extensions of product warranty, regular maintenance contracts, and equipment maintenance and operations at each project site, leasing and turnkey projects. These changes will test the BG's product development capability, organizational capability, and the ability to expand business for its products and solutions. In addition, regional cooperation also has to be close enough to grasp customer needs and implement diverse sales plans. 

In terms of brand management, General Manager Chang used to lead Delta's B2C brand Innergie and helped Innergie’s team to re-examine the brand positioning and formulate marketing strategies. The team focused on product development and the pursuit of excellence, which made Innergie repeatedly won domestic and international awards for product design. Whether operating a B2C or B2B brand, or being tasked with product development or promotional campaigns, he always worked hands-on with every aspect. "Everything in our business is customer-centric, thus we always strive to grasp customer needs, solve pain points for our customers, and build a profound customer experience." Product design and development start from the needs of customers. In addition to technical specifications and costs, we must consider every detail of customer's experience. Regarding brand communication, General Manager Chang also has a set of ideas: "EISBG will apply the value proposition of 'IoT-based smartness for efficient energy management.’ After success stories happened one after the other, Delta will become a deeply rooted brand in the field of energy infrastructure. When you think of energy in Taiwan, you think of Delta."

Diligence with unchanging perseverance
General Manager Chang, who has been granted with the award of 30 year’s seniority and outstanding contribution this year, has worked with different fields and brands from IT industry to ET industry, and has led different business units to move forward. General Manager Chang shared his thoughts along this journey. "When faced with different fields, the only way to success is to work hard, keep learning to find business opportunities, spend time to explore, and accumulate experiences. Both big and small things give you a chance of learning. Try to build a stage for others so that every professional can fulfill their full potentials. Delta offers a big arena. If you devote effort, you will obtain results. Do everything with diligence, be fully aware of what you are doing, and focus on it. It is a great thing to accumulate experiences bit by bit. "

At the end of the interview, the interview team asked General Manager Chang to give Delta colleagues some encouragement, but he said humbly that he has not been successful enough to encourage everyone. Perhaps it is this kind of diligence and humility that made General Manager Chang stay down-to-earth, keep on learning for 30 years and continue to challenge the next stage. 

The 2020 commendation ceremony for senior and exemplary employees. Delta Vice Chairman Zixing Ke (sixth from left) and JJ Chang (seventh from left) joined the group photo