Delta brand as one of best companies to work for again gains recognition

Text by: Human Resources

By aggressively allocating a variety of resources into building Delta brand as one of the best companies to work for, the human resources department has achieved successful outcomes. In addition to delivering a good performance by earning 13th place in “the 2020 Most Desired Enterprise by the New Generation” organized by Cheers Magazine (report link: https://reurl.cc/xZvGWN), Delta was, for the first time, also ranked the top 10 companies in high-tech industries freshmen most want to work for this year in the “survey of graduates’ career planning and enterprises’ new recruitments” conducted by yes123 (report link: https://reurl.cc/exyEpm). Other than theses impressive results in Taiwan, Delta also has outstanding performance in China. It won its first “Human Resources Competencies (Goldman Prize)” hosted by Guangdong Human Resource Management Association.  
For the past year, apart from aggressive deployment in Taiwan, the human resources department has further integrated resources from different regions, and gone to Europe, the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, etc. to hold almost 100 on-campus recruitment activities at more than 50 prestigious schools, where almost 300 interns were recruited. Moreover, the department actively promoted digital social media marketing ideas. A series of video of “a day in the life of an engineer” were produced. And by using the function of “click to the like button” and “share”, we have developed a closer relationship with students. Our fan group has also grown by 54% and we therefore have many awards under our belts, e.g. top award of the 2020 CSR Happy Enterprise Group sponsored by Global View Monthly, the 2019 Corporate Health Responsibility (CHR) prize sponsored by Common Health Magazine, sports business certification, premium health workplace, etc. All of these have enhanced Delta’s workplace LOHAS image, and the volume of media coverage of relevant issues have therefore boosted by 90%. All inputs and outcomes have turned out to be the most important footstone for Delta to become one of the best companies to work for. We will continue to convert the brand popularity into actual effects, build a full research capacity and accumulate talent capital for Delta. In the end, we hope to jointly create limitless possibilities for future success with respective business units of Delta.   

Delta garners “top award of 2020 CSR Happy Enterprise Group” sponsored by Global View Monthly. Group picture: Zhou, Zhi-Hong , Delta’s sustainable executive and spokesman (second from right), Chen, Qi-Zhen, Delta’s chief human resources officer, and Delta’s team members.