LED smart lighting solutions light up the Nankan riverside

Text by: BABG

In recent years, while water quality improvement and waters management have been carried out, many new green spaces and riverside bicycle lanes were built along the bank of Nankan River in Taoyuan. With the functions of commuting, recreation and sports, the 22-kilometer Nankan Riverside Bike Path has become a very important living space for Taoyuan's residents. To provide it residents with a safe visit day and night and create an image of sustainability with lighting along the riverside, the Delta's BABG carried out the improvements of the lighting for the section of the Nankan Riverside Bike Path from Qingxi Bridge to Huiji Bridge, basing on the key principles such as enhancement on safety warnings, design with interactive lighting, and environment-friendliness and energy-efficiency to carry out improvements on the lighting of squares, observation points, and important landmarks. Combining the existing environment and taking into consideration the surrounding landscape and focus of vision, it aimed at creating a lighting environment that matches the local characteristics. 

"There are four major design points in this project," project leader Guan Xianzong, who is also a senior lighting designer, said. "First, we must first establish a safe lighting environment, and then create a comfortable overall nighttime effect, and then enhance and emphasize the characteristics of key areas. Finally, from the perspective of users and maintainers, we applied design techniques and materials that are easy to maintain and manage." For the safe lighting environment in the design concept, it requires only sufficient lighting for traffic nodes or public rest platforms to ensure the warning function and road safety. The next step was to create a comfortable and warm white lighting, which matches the routines of the surroundings to minimize interference with ecology. Whereas, for the characteristic of the key areas, during weekends and holidays when there are more visitors, RGB color-changing lighting design and interactive lighting with simulated water patterns were incorporated to inject a lively yet leisurely atmosphere into Nankan riverside. 

The renovation of LED landscape lighting in this project also made Nankan River a new landmark for Taoyuan's waterfront. With the “Tour Nankan River Project,” people will be able to walk, jog, and cycle along the river bank during the day, and enjoy the lights and views at night, thereby turning Nankan River into the "river of life" in Taoyuan City. 

The lively color-changing lighting design attracts residents for recreation and sport.