Delta holds “Smart Green City Solutions Fair” in Shenzhen

Text by: Delta Corporate Management

As a core city of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Shenzhen has an increasingly significant amount of influence over surrounding areas’ development. With the strongest foundation for electronic information industry, Shenzhen takes a leading position especially in smart city construction in China. Recently, Delta held “Smart Green Cities Solutions Fair” in Shenzhen, focusing on topics of smart building, smart monitoring and the demand for building 5G network infrastructure, and the transformation and upgrades in manufacturing industry and green growth versus sustainable development. It shared cutting-edge technologies and information across various domains concerning building smart green city with related industries’ personnel, industrial experts and associations’ leaders. “Smart Green Manufacturing Mobile Exhibition — Delta’s national touring exhibition truck” also visited Shenzhen, providing practical solutions for manufacturing transformation and upgrading for more than 300 personnel guests of mid and top-level management ranging from technological, research and development, and management domains in the manufacturing industry of Shenzhen and surrounding regions. 

In addition, Delta’s display and mission critical infrastructure solutions also make substantial contribution to the construction of smart city. With the rise of smart city and smart park, Delta’s display solutions aims to establish better management and decision-making capabilities by innovative data visualization and smart display control. By integrating Delta’s products that have been applied in municipal administration and the construction of a park’s infrastructure, such as smart power supply, electric vehicle charging, data center and smart building solutions, etc., the goal of providing smart operation, energy efficiency and emission reduction in the construction of smart green park can be attained. 

Deputy Director of Shenzhen Longhua District Government Information Administration, Zhi-Cong Zhang (3rd from left); Executive Chairman of China Smart City Construction Investment, Professor Xiao-Xing Zhang (2nd from left); Delta’s Chief Brand Officer, Shan-Shan Guo (4th from left); General Manager of Delta Greentech’s Industrial Automation Business Unit (IABU), Min-Ren Chen (5th from left); Senior Director of Delta Building Automation Business Unit, Wen-Xing Jiang (leftmost); these guests attend the event and share their experiences. 

Delta’s exhibition truck provides guests with practical solutions of transformation and upgrades in manufacturing industry.