Oslo housing development co-op company invests in 1.29MW PV project with Delta inverters

Text by: EMEA

The largest housing and property co-op in Norway, OBOS Group, invested in PV plants on six of their buildings in Oslo. OBOS Group is a Norwegian housing co-op association that began operating in 1929 in Oslo to offer housing development at a time when it was difficult to get bank financing for the average worker. In the past years, the environmental building regulations have been getting stricter and the members of OBOS have growing interest in more environmental solutions. As part of what they call green responsibility, OBOS is pursuing green initiatives and offering sustainable energy solutions for their customers in order to face the upcoming climate change challenges.  

One of the objectives for initiating the 1.29MW PV solar pilot project was for OBOS to gain experience with PV rooftop plants and suppliers.  The long term goal after gaining experience with PV was to potentially roll out similar measures on other buildings or housing companies in Norway that wanted to install solar modules on their own roofs. The pilot project was an important part of OBOS' commitment to green and sustainable energy. Investment in hydro-power as well as PV will help the company become self-sufficient with sustainable energy by 2021.

Delta was proud to be a supplier of the inverters for the OBOS project and support the distribution of more PV capacity in Norway.  It was especially rewarding since we share the same green mission as OBOS. According to Mr. Andreas Hoischen, Delta Senior Director Business Unit Photovoltaic Inverters, “Delta had a very good cooperation on the OBOS projects and is expecting to see more growth with Delta inverters in large rooftop applications within all of Europe as this sector is growing due to the trend to build more net-zero buildings.” 

15 Delta H5A solar inverters are installed at Tveita Senter shopping center in Oslo