What kind of sparks will be created when 8K meets AI abstract visual art?

In mid-November, Delta cooperated with Japan’s renowned art museum, Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum, in the exhibition “Future and the Arts”. AI, for the first time, tries to learn human abstract concepts such as life, love, etc., and creates automatically a beautiful audio-visual work “Deep Meditation”. The 280-inch spectacular image showcases beautiful details at 33-million-pixel ultra-high resolution, by which visitors can enjoy modern art that far exceeds traditional images at close distance, and witness the perfect combination of 8K projection technologies and future art. In this issue, we have more coverage from Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum.

Also crossing into a new industry, Delta Controls ORCA building control system was recently implemented in Guangzhou Sunac Land, and successfully applied in various types of fields such as indoor ski area, indoor water park, shopping mall, resort hotel, theater, etc. Delta integrates more than 10,000 data points and makes use of BAS (Building Automation System) to control electromechanical devices inside the building. This application showcases the monitoring flexibility and openness of our technology in huge building group, and achieves energy efficiency and management cost reduction. “Special Report” has a complete coverage for you.

The smart quality precision system, co-developed by Delta Research Center (DRC) and IABG, has been successfully implemented in Wujiang Plant 2 and 3 and Dongyuan Plant 3 and 5 since 2017. Making use of new analytical technologies, the system detects exceptions in production quality, and together with production process related information, deduces the possible reasons for causing exceptions, significantly increasing the efficiency of production line staff in troubleshooting. The project was also awarded 11th “Delta Innovation Award” and came in 1st in 2018 “1st Delta Smart Manufacturing Technologies Forum”. We conducted a special interview with the project supervisors and members from DRC and IABG, to share with us the important results.

In September this year, the world’s largest Climate Week was held in New York, attended by the world’s influential politicians, including Costa Rica’s President, Spain’s President, Denmark’s Prime Minister, California Governor, Former US Secretary of State, etc. Together with more than a hundred business leaders, they gathered and appealed to the world to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emission. Don’t miss this issue as Delta’s correspondents bring you first-hand information from the site, and more exciting contents can be found in “Delta Green Life”.


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