Amerlux shines with Delta BA solutions
Interviews with Joseph Oberle, Chairman of Amerlux and Chuck Campagna, CEO of Amerlux

Text by: BABG

It has been over 3 months since Amerlux, an LED architectural lighting solutions provider based in the U.S. state of New Jersey, joined Delta Group and empowered Delta’s Building Automation (BA) forces. In this last issue of 2019, “Brand People” features interviews with the heads of Amerlux: Mr. Joseph Oberle, Chairman of Amerlux and Delta’s Vice President of Corporate Development, and Mr. Chuck Campagna, CEO of Amerlux. We invited them to share their insights into the business opportunities and synergies brought by the integration of Amerlux and Delta BA solutions.

“Amerlux Speaks the Language of Light!”
“Amerlux speaks the language of light,” said Chuck. Amerlux focused solely on the lighting of supermarkets at its inception back in 1984. But today, Amerlux offers a wide ranging product portfolio, including track lighting, recessed down lights, linear systems, “made to measure” custom lighting systems, pendants, and outdoor architectural lighting products, which has made Amerlux a leading brand in the high-end North America lighting market over the past 2 decades.

To build and continue to strengthen such a brand asset, strong teamwork is key. “We pride ourselves on on-time delivery made possible by a dedicated team of engineers, customer support personnel and a fantastic production group.” stated Chuck.

With the solid support of a highly trained sales force that spans the globe and one-stop service from initial design to final delivery, Amerlux has built a strong presence and reputation in the U.S., particularly in the North East and New York City. It continues to achieve great success, especially in the commercial, retail, hospitality and supermarket markets.

In Sep. 2019, leaders of the BABG gathered at Amerlux headquarters in Oakland, New Jersey to
discuss the overall business integration and open the possibilities on how to create new opportunities

Close network with architects for brand influence
The Amerlux brand strategy is “to be the first choice for architects, lighting designers and interior designers for architectural lighting solutions.” said Chuck. “Amerlux has had strong relationships with key U.S. lighting specifiers and architects who are the key influencers in the architectural lighting channel,” stated Joseph.

To make sure that Amerlux reaches its target markets, the company uses various avenues for brand management, such as participating in the international exhibitions LightFair International, and LEDucation, and joining numerous retail, hospitality and supermarket tradeshows. As a leader in the lighting industry, Amerlux also conducts AIA seminars for numerous architectural, engineering and lighting design firms.

Chuck held a Town Hall with the entire company to let everyone know
where Amerlux stands and the direction of company

Collaboration with Delta BA for Business Growth
With the Amerlux acquisition, Joseph believes, “Delta is benefitting with product, design, engineering, and a better understanding of the lighting industry and channels.” Amerlux sales and product management talents are expanding Delta’s presence in specific markets west of the Mississippi River to help achieve 2020 sales growth.

For Delta’s BA business, Joseph says that lighting can be an integral portion of Delta’s growth strategy for buildings, given that lighting is everywhere in buildings and cities, and is becoming a major platform for the sensing and control of buildings and for smart IoT cities.

Joseph Oberle, Chairman of Amerlux, was in the Amerlux employee meeting

Under the concept of Delta Building Solutions, Amerlux and the Delta BA team have been quick to work on both commercial and product integration with Delta affiliates, including Delta Controls, LOYTEC, VIVOTEK, and Delta’s Lighting SBU. Joseph gave an example of successfully integrating DCI’s O3 Sensor Hub, LOYTEC’s DALI lighting control system, and VIVOTEK cameras into Amerlux fixtures at the Amerlux Oakland N.J. showroom for customers to see what is coming in the future. BABG Americas’ engineering and commercial teams are already working together to specify cross business products, as well as make joint customer and specifier calls.  

“Amerlux is very excited to have become a part of the Building Automation Business Group within Delta.” said Chuck, “Delta’s building automation technology is the perfect marriage for Amerlux’s lighting products.” Lighting is the “common denominator” in any building, since it can embed building automation technology such as HVAC controls, lighting controls, and security cameras. “Data gathering technology inside the light fixtures will give Delta a significant advantage over the competition.”

Amerlux and DCI had the synergy meeting in Oakland NJ. From Left to right, John Nicholls, CEO of DCI, Joseph Oberle, Chairman of Amerlux, Chuck Campagna, CEO of Amerlux

Sharing and encouragement from Joseph and Chuck
Chuck: My career path has been one that is very unconventional. I started a health club business that grew to three locations and thousands of members. It was here while owning my own business that I learned the basic principles of running a business. I learned the basics of lighting when working for General Electric Lighting. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start in lighting than GE. After 10 years at Genlyte I was recruited to become the President & CEO of Amerlux. It was a big risk that I took going from a huge company like Genlyte to a small company like Amerlux. However we had a core of very good individuals who worked hard, shared the same vision, and we grew at an 18% CAGR for 18 years!

If I could give any advice to my colleagues at Delta, it would be to believe in yourself and to stay true to yourself. No matter how high you climb you need to remain humble and be kind to people. Don’t get me wrong, business can be very tough and it takes tough individuals to be successful in very competitive businesses. My father used to tell me “There’s nothing tougher than true gentleness and nothing gentler than true toughness”. You can be a tough business person, make tough decisions and stand your ground while still being humble and kind.

Joseph: I have been extremely lucky in my career to be able to work in all facets of business with major multinational companies. Early in my career, I worked in manufacturing management at Euclid Inc., a manufacturer of heavy off road hauling equipment owned by Daimler Benz of Germany. I then moved to Picker International, a major manufacturer of medical imaging equipment, owned by General Electric of England, where I moved from production planning and supervision to leading their Nuclear and Ultrasound product lines. GE Lighting recruited me from Picker where I moved through numerous positions to the position of General Manager of Electronics, Wiring Devices, Home Electric products and ballasts, leading global engineering teams and the overall electronics business. I joined Delta in 2011 to help the region with growing our branded presence and offering.  

My message to Delta colleagues is continue to reach out for new opportunities at Delta both within and outside of your current area of expertise. My success in my career has always been to exceed what the business was asking me to do and at the same time looking for more challenging assignments for my own career satisfaction.