Delta’s Modular Dynamic Datacenter provides full support for Capital Airport

Text by: DGC

By virtue of its leading-edge technology and innovative design concept, Delta’s Modular Dynamic Datacenter has become the Data Center of Beijing Capital Airport Power & Energy Co., Ltd.. By renovating the Internet connection within the company and establishing a digitalized data room, the data center will regulate and maintain energy supply for the terminal area, flight area, work area and living area of the Capital Airport.

Considering the strict security requirements of the Airport Power and Energy Command Center and the rapid growth of data volume in the next few years, Delta has provided more reliable and scalable solutions in the design of the computer room infrastructure. The new computer room adopts the Delta’s modular Dynamic Datacenter. In the planning and design of the computer room, Delta takes into account of the characteristics of various units of electrical equipment. To simplify the circuit configuration in the computer room and improve safety, the logic circuits controlling these electrical devices were directly built onto power distribution cabinets and array cabinets. At the same time, the battery racks were built on the actual condition of the computer room and thus saves more space in the room. We increase the investment for customers by researching in more details.

The DPH series modular UPS used in the modular Dynamic Datacenter has not only high reliability, excellent performance and great overall efficiency as we have seen in other Delta’s uninterruptible power supply systems, but also includes the (N+X) fault-tolerant design. With built-in control mechanism, the redundancy arising from power supply modules is automatically handled. The power distribution cabinet (PDC) in the modular Dynamic Datacenter is small in size. The HMI and communication interface are unified which greatly improves the space utilization in the computer room. While operating the datacenter, the Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system can provide a comprehensive and unified view of all IT infrastructure (virtual machines, servers, racks, etc.) and facility environment (power supply, cooling system, environment, etc.). It can transmit detailed information for the computer room management personnel to develop appropriate plans and predict future requirements of the data center.

Compared with the traditional computer room, the new Data Center of the Capital Airport Power & Energy Co., Ltd. provides on-demand scalability and can be expanded as demand grows. The energy consumption of the computer room is greatly reduced and thus is more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, which made the modular datacenter well recognized by users.

Beijing Capital Airport Power and Energy Command Center adopts Delta’s modular Dynamic Datacenter