Delta provides Mori Art Museum with advanced 8K projection to showcase AI artwork

Text by: Corporate Communications

Cooperating with Mori Art Museum, a well-known art palace in Japan, Delta provides its leading 8K projection technology in the "Future and the Arts" to showcase "Deep Meditation", an audio-visual artwork by the artist Memo Akten with deep learning artificial intelligence (AI). Visitors from all over the world can experience the spectacular images of the 280-inch screen through the unique leading 8K projection technology that displays the exquisitely refined details brought by the 33 million ultra-high resolution. In a close distance, one can enjoy the beautiful images automatically generated by AI learning of the abstract human concepts such as “life”, “love”, “truth”, and more.

Delta continues to promote the innovative application of 8K projection technology. Recently, Delta successfully made 8K large-screen live broadcasts of important international sports events and national traditional theatrical performances in Japan. Through the fascinating and clear imagery, the audiences feel closer to the stage details than if they were in the scene. In different occasions such as cinemas, theme parks, planetariums, commercial buildings and so on, 8K projectors can be used to create high-quality visual feasts, and for uses in medical and scientific fields that require ultra-high resolution, or for image simulations during product development procedures. The cooperation with Mori Art Museum uses the most advanced 8K projection technology to interpret modern art works that exceeds the box of the traditional image expression, allowing many art lovers to experience the spectacular and subtle beauty of 8K large-screen projection.

Mori Art Museum's "Future and the Arts" exhibition is held from November 19, 2019 to March 29, 2020. Guests from all sectors are welcome to visit the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo (53F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower) to experience the beauty of Delta’s 8K projection technology in the combination of future arts.

Cooperating with Mori Art Museum in Japan, Delta showcases the future art by combining AI deep learning with 8K projection. (Left to right) Mr. Kengo Ka, CEO of Digital Projection, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, chief brand officer of Delta, artist Mr. Memo Akten, Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta Group, and Mr. Ching-Hsing Ko, director of DEJ

Mr. Bruce Cheng, founder of Delta Group (right), and Mrs. Yoshiko Mori, chairperson of Mori Art Museum, took photo at the opening ceremony

The spectacular visuals are projected on the 280-inch large screen through 8K projection technology that displays exquisitely refined details at 33 million-pixel ultra-high resolution