The world’s very first 8K high definition environmental documentary “Water with Life”, sponsored by Delta Electronics Foundation and shot in collaboration with NHK Enterprises, has been screened in National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung, Akihabara in Japan, National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung and National Museum of Marine Science and Technology in Keelung for charity. We hope the documentary will raise public awareness of water resource scarcity. As the weather gets cooler in autumn, Delta will be presenting the stunning image quality and magnificent views of the film using Delta’s world-leading 8K projection technology with ultra-high brightness at the beautiful Sun Moon Lake. This is exactly the Thao ancestral residence featured in the film. We sincerely invite you to the visual feast in the picturesque site on October 10th and 11th.

In this issue of “Brand People”, we interviewed, Mr. Wim Chang (A-Gan), the Chief Executive Officer of Delta Electronics Foundation. He is a well-known environmentalist in Taiwan and once managed a two-month water bill of NTD$45 for a family of four. He shares with us ways to conserve energy as well as the planning and vision of Delta Electronics Foundation in climate change, energy saving, green building, low carbon emission and talent development.

In addition to the enormous energy savings delivered by Delta regional headquarters, Delta assists Shanghai Oriental Hospital to achieve energy savings and greater efficiency with building automation management recently. Through the adoption of LOYTEC integrated with building information modeling (BIM), energy usages are reduced and management efficiency is also improved. This has been detailed in “Special Report”. With the connection of applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), the function of streetlights is no longer limited to purely lighting up streets at night. In “IoT Smart Solutions” in this issue, we will shed light on how Delta’s Smart Streetlight Solution, which integrates energy-saving lighting, IoT device, information technology and innovative value-added service, help invigorate smart city.

Mr. Cheng, the founder of Delta Electronics Inc., has been sponsoring underprivileged students from Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai regions for nineteen years. He not only encourages students to study hard, but also welcomes them to join Delta after graduation. And after devoting significant efforts to automation for more than twenty years, Delta is applying the concept and practice of smart manufacturing in various industries. During the recent CIIF in Shanghai and New Industrial Automation Product Launch in Beijing, many new products that satisfy the requirements of high-level smart upgrading by industrial users are showcased. We invite you to read the “Brand Circle”.

Have you visited Portland the city that was ranked the top sustainable city for two consecutive years? Portland has positioned itself as the “space for citizens” and all the mass transit is mainly one-way-street design. This allows light rails, buses, bicycles, and private cars to coexist on the boulevard without compromising sidewalk space, an excellent model for Taiwan. You will definitely enjoy the contents covered in “Delta Green Life”.


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