DEF hosts 8K charity film screenings on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Typhoon Morakot

Text by: DET

DEF has been committed to positive action on energy and climate-related issues. Before the 10th Anniversary of Typhoon Morakot in August, DEF held a charity screening featuring a series of environmental films at National Science and Technology Museum(NSTM). And To raise the environmental awareness about climate change, the films was displayed with the world's brightest laser 8K projector with 36000 lumens developed by Delta. The films displayed include: Behold Typhoon Morakot, a reproduction of the aerial documentary of the Morakot Disaster filmed by the late Director Po-Lin Chi; The Calling of Namaxia, a documentary on the reconstruction of Minchuan Primary School with the students and teachers as the cast; and Water with Life, the very first Taiwanese 8K environmental documentary that received domestic and international acclaim. Before the premiere of The Calling of Namaxia, the students from Minchuan Primary School were invited to perform two songs from the Bunun tribe and the moving performance was well received by the audience. Ms. Shan-Shan Guo, Vice Chairperson of DEF, Mr. Jesse Chou, Delta’s CSO and Spokesperson, Mr. Rong-Fong Wu, the Director-general of Education Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Mr. Shiunn-Shyang Chen, the Director-general of NSTM, Mr. Ying Chao Kuo, the founder of Bio-architecture Formosana and Mr. Bruce Cheng, the founder of Delta, along with his wife, Ms Hsieh Yi-Yin attended the premiere.

Colleagues from Delta Tainan Branch brought their families to enjoy 8K films at the National Science and Technology Museum

In the hope that an overwhelming visual sensation from high quality image on large screen will raise the public’s awareness on the effect of climate change on ocean environment and water resources in Taiwan, Water with Life was also screened at National Museum of Marine Science and Technology (NMMST) IMAX 3D Ocean Theatre in Keelung.

Both tours had full house with warm participation from more than a thousand citizens. After the afternoon screening on August 8 in Kaohsiung, a couple shared their reflection, the wife even shed tears and said that “humans are the ones who do not value water resources and they are also the ones destroying water resources. We need to protect our Mother Earth”. To echo her words, we should reckon with what has happened and love and treasure Taiwan together.

The public enjoying 8K films at the National Science and Technology Museum

Since the premiere at National Museum of Natural Science in March, colleagues from DEF and Video Department worked together to hold screenings to places including Taipei Water Park, NSTM and NMMST. To facilitate the public understanding over the importance of water resources and related issues, DEF will continue to organize inspiring and educational film tours displayed with Delta’s 8K projector.