Recently, Europe has been facing record-setting heat wave, with the temperature in Southern France hitting a record high of 45.9ºC; near the entrance to the Arctic Ocean in Russia, the average temperature also soared from 12ºC to 29ºC. In the face of global warming, electricity consumption keeps climbing. How to dispatch electricity flexibly and meet the future multiple power demand of smart cities has become a matter of great concerns. In recent years, Delta has been developing distributed power grid architecture, employing solar inverter, power conditioning system and energy storage system with renewable energy to regulate electricity. Lately this solution has been integrated in the triple hybrid stand-alone power supply system in the plant of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.. More contents are available in this issue’s “Special Report“.

Delta’s intelligent manufacturing capability of automation is also continuously improving. In intelligent plants, the operating conditions of various machines are uploaded to the management platform through the internet, but the system’s efficiency is often held back by enormous amount of data. In “IoT Smart Solutions” in this issue, we introduced Delta’s industry-leading “DIABCS (Delta Block Control System)”, showing how BCS can make process management more efficient.

As the main venue of the world-renowned Taipei International Computer Show (Computex), Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center has become very different recently. The luminaries of Hall 1 were replaced with Delta’s LED High Bay luminaries, which contributed to 70% cost reduction of the venue’s annual electricity bill and an average 82% increase of illumination. More success stories are provided in this issue’s “Brand Circle”.

As the US-China trade war continues and global supply chains are reshuffled, Southeast Asia and India are becoming more strategically important. In this issue of “Brand People”, we interviewed, Mr. Jackie Chang. Jackie is the former General Manager of EMEA who led the continuous growth of EMEA’s branded business and has just been appointed to his new role as SEA’s Vice President in May this year. He shares the market business opportunities and challenges faced by SEA, business strategy, his encouragement and over 26 years of working experience at Delta.

In “Delta Green Life”, we will take you to Bonn, Germany to learn about the new concept of “Nature-based Solution” against extreme weather put forward by ICLEI, an international organization that promotes the sustainable development of cities on the long-term basis at the Resilient Cities Congress. Meanwhile, according to the forecast of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), with the gradual decline of the power generation cost of renewable energy, the cost of solar PV and onshore wind power generation in the future may be cheaper than that of coal-fired power plants. How to match appropriate intelligent power grid, power grid management and energy storage facilities with these green power generation facilities will become more and more important. You will definitely enjoy the contents covered in this issue!


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