Top mining company selects Delta to build its data center infrastructure

Text by: EMEA

Delta has been selected by a leading mining company to build its data centers in Russia. In this project, Delta offers integrated data center solutions from UPS (uninterrupted power supply), precision cooling, power distribution systems to environmental monitoring systems in four data center sites with a total of 365 kW power capacity. With Delta’s industry experiences, we guarantee reliable data center operations with best practice.  

The scope of this project includes two modernized data centers and two newly-built data centers respectively located in Siberia and Western Russia. With more than 30 units of 42U cabinets, the total power capacity of the two modernized data centers is up to 275 kW, which is as twice as before. The two newly built data centers, which comprise about 20 cabinets, support up to 90 kW power capacity, and can still be expanded with additional racks, if necessary.

“The design of the facilities primarily focused on fault tolerance and safety. All computer rooms are equipped with UPS, precision cooling, and automated remote monitoring, control, and dispatch systems. In addition, access control and fire suppression systems have been installed in the data centers. Service personnel can obtain real-time information on the status of all engineering subsystems,” noted by Dmitry Gulyayev, Head of The Data Center Infrastructure Department at Delta Electronics Russia.

Delta offers integrated data center solutions to a leading mining company’s four data center sites with a total of 365 kW power capacity.

Ultron HPH UPS protects both IT equipment and precision cooling 
To ensure continuous power supply to the facilities, the Ultron HPH 40/80/100/120kVA online UPS are installed to protect IT equipment and precision cooling facilities. The Ultron HPH series combines maximum available power, unsurpassed energy efficiency, and superior power performance with a significant advantage: TCO savings. In order to reduce capital costs for the construction of the data centers and operating costs, UPS without battery cabinets are used to in the facility equipment, so the microclimate control system would switch to idle during blackouts and stays that way until the diesel generator units kick in. IT equipment is connected to UPS with battery cabinets, which ensures the continuity of operation needed for the diesel generator units to kick into action. This data center project, the Ultron HPH series has been widely adopted in manufacturing and telecommunication industries.

Delta’s Ultron HPH series online UPS are installed to protect IT equipment and precision cooling systems in the data centers.

Cooling system supports N+1 redundancy for resilient air conditioning
Delta offers both RoomCool and RowCool of 35 kW cooling capacity with hot and cold aisle containment solutions to these four data center site. Delta’s data center cooling system offers a rapid and precise means of adjusting the level of moisture within the air, and keeping humidity levels within the ideal range required by the data center equipment.

Space-saving rack power distribution unit is ideal of high power density application
As part of the integrated data center infrastructure solution, over 90 pcs of rack power distribution units (rPDU) are supplied to the four data centers. The space-saving rPDUs not only provide an optimal distribution of power within the rack, but also the ability to monitor the power distribution network parameters. Automatic circuit breakers for outgoing lines and LED current and overload indicators ensure the safety of the power distribution system.