Delta builds a comfortable, energy-efficient office building for Oriental Petrochemical

Text by: BABG

Delta offers practical experience with its professional building automation solutions, when setting up systems in smart buildings and satisfying custom requirements. With intelligence and automation as its core concept, Delta designs intelligent monitoring systems for different area needs. Integrating various subsystems within the building effectively reduces operational management costs while enhancing the system’s energy efficiency.

To achieve the goal of building an “energy-efficient” building, Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET), which has vigorously developed its IoT, communication, and smart building technology in recent years, valued Delta’s building automation experience and worked with Delta to introduce a new automated intelligent building management system.  Together, they assisted Oriental Petrochemical (OPTC) to quickly create a human-centric, management-efficient and energy-saving office space.

The administrative building of the L3 Plant of OPTC has four floors above ground and one floor underground. The total floor area of the building is about 9,264 square meters. To achieve an intelligent building with a single management platform and cross-system integration and intelligent monitoring, Delta adopted the web-based building control software enteliWEB from Delta Controls as its central monitoring platform for its complete building automation solution. In addition to visual display equipment, energy use status, and alert notification, remote monitoring can be accessed by the administrator through a web operation interface.

Delta Controls building management software enteliWEB visually manages multi-site building equipment, programming, and energy analysis through a web interface.

At the same time, it also worked with LOYTEC building management and control systems that support various open communication protocols such as BACnet and Modbus, to efficiently integrate air conditioning, fire protection, elevators, access control, lighting, restroom personnel and safety monitoring, power/hydraulic monitoring, and an environment monitoring system. A number of building subsystems can be integrated through Delta's smart building management and energy monitoring platform, including:

⮚Air-conditioning system: The LOYTEC L-INX automation server supports the characteristics of the BACnet communication protocol. The VRV air-conditioning system is integrated with the central monitoring system, which can automatically start and stop, adjust the wind speed and temperature according to the site environment and schedule, and instantly monitor the equipment status, system abnormal return, and more. The central monitoring system integrates the air conditioning system with other subsystems to enhance the intelligence of the building.

⮚Energy Monitoring System: The online monitoring system from Delta Energy provides flexible energy monitoring tools to customize the appropriate analysis reports on energy usage to help managers track energy consumption. It enables real-time monitoring of building energy consumption, as well as analysis and management of main equipment loops and floor power. Real-time alarms are generated for important anomaly values, and event information is recorded in the system to improve response speed and enhance overall power safety.

All energy consumption history values are stored in the SQL database for easy access to various queries and analysis, or integration with other third-party systems. Through the analysis tool from the energy management system, data on energy consumption can be automatically converted into various charts, and the charts can be viewed by multiple people through web browsers, thereby achieving requirements for improved management efficiency.

In addition, with the ModBus communication protocol support, L-INX can integrate lighting, fire protection, elevator power regeneration system, PV system, indoor air quality monitoring system and others to have real-time monitoring by the central monitoring system.

In response to different space requirements for various areas of the administrative building, such as halls, conference rooms, personal offices, public office spaces and restrooms, Delta provides a corresponding intelligent monitoring system with a area-specific application design featuring active sensing of environmental information and automated monitoring technology.

For example, an access control facility is set up at the entrance of the control area of the lobby for checking personnel entering and exiting. The VIVOTEK people counting camera provides the dynamic statistics of people count in the building. The number of people in the building can be accurately counted, which improves employees’ and visitors’ safety.

For the supervisor’s personal office, it integrates and controls indoor lighting, air conditioning and other equipment, and senses environmental values such as temperature and CO2. When the sensor detects the supervisor entering the office, it automatically turns on the lighting and air conditioning. The air conditioning equipment adjusts automatically according to the actual environmental conditions and create a comfortable and energy-saving office environment. The public office area can also automatically operate according to schedule to avoid energy waste.

The people counting camera, installed at the entrance of the restroom, features the U-Turn path judgment function, which accurately counts the number of people entering and exiting, while preventing misjudgment caused by people changing directions. If the people counting camera finds that there are still people in the restroom during off-hours, an alarm is automatically sent to the central monitoring system to remind management to check the safety of personnel and property in the building. Each floor walkway is equipped with a motion sensors linking to the lighting system. Once a person is detected, the system automatically turns on the lights and adjusts the illumination according to the actual natural light.

VIVOTEK people counting camera with dual lens and 3D depth of field technology increases the accuracy of people counting up to 98%.

To more effectively track energy consumption and find out the potential for energy savings, Delta Energy Online, an energy management system, collects energy consumption data from digital meters and water meters for further energy analysis and reporting.

Delta's Building Automation solutions transformed the administrative office building into a smart building that achieves the following benefits:

1.Reduces operating costs by cutting unnecessary use
Remote monitoring improves management convenience and efficiency. Through personnel detection or scheduling control linked to the equipment operation, equipment malfunctions caused by personnel negligence is eliminated, and energy waste is reduced.
2.Increases facility utilization and asset value
Instantly tracks the usage of each facility, operates according to demand, avoids idle time, and enhances the value of assets.
3.Creates safe and comfortable working environment
Through environmental monitoring, users can understand the air quality and ensure personnel safety. Abnormal situations can be dealt with immediately to create a safe, comfortable, and healthy working environment, while improving working efficiency.

Delta's Building Automation solution creates a smart, safe, energy-efficient and comfortable office building for OPTC.