At the end of May, Delta was invited by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to participate in the first International Green Building Symposium (IGBS) in Taiwan. With the corporate mission “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow”, Delta presented its promotion of green energy data centers, smart buildings and low-carbon buildings. At the Symposium, USGBC awarded the world’s first LEED ID+C Platinum Certification to the IT Data Center of Delta’s Head Office, and LEED Gold Certification to Delta’s Chungli R&D Building, highlighting Delta’s leading position in green data centers and green building technology.

Meeting the needs of its customers with Building Automation Solutions, Delta continues to develop a variety of system solutions for smart buildings. We introduce into these projects of diverse applications the core concepts of smartness and automation. In the “Special Report” of this issue, we share how the Delta Building Automation Team has built an energy-saving, comfortable and smart office building for OPYC through advanced innovative technologies, including VIVOTEK’s people-flow counter, LOYTEC’s building control system, and Delta Controls’ building control software enteliWEB.

In previous “Brand People” articles, we have interviewed executives of Delta Group/subsidiaries in automation and infrastructure, to show our readers the Delta’s development strategies. In this issue, “Brand People” features Mr. Dalip Sharma, President of Delta EMEA. Delta Brand News interviewed Mr. Dalip Sharma from the perspective of region as well as the organizational adjustment of EMEA at the beginning of this year. We asked him to share with us the deployment planning of EMEA, as well as his experience working at Delta for over 15 years.

At COMPUTEX 2019, Delta built a comfortable and energy-saving “Delta 8K Green Theater” with its “Building Automation Solutions” and “Microgrid Solutions”, combining it with the world’s leading 8K projection technology. Delta has continuously focused on the trend for developing smart manufacturing, presenting its product technologies at Japan’s Techno-Frontier and at Italy’s SPS Parma Exhibition. We also joined hands with Anhui’s Fuyang Normal University to create an extendable data center solution. More news of greater industry recognition for Delta has been pouring in from the Delta HR Department, including the recent rating by Cheers as the 13th “Most Desired Enterprise in the New Epoch 2019” (3rd in the science and technology manufacturing industry) and as one of the Top 20 Happy Enterprises in the “Science and Technology Industry Happy Enterprise Awards 2019” by the 1111 Job Bank, as well as receiving an earlier “Transformation Award” by LinkedIn. More brand news is available in this issue’s “Brand Circle”.

In “Delta Green Life”, we take you to visit the Catholic Franciscan Spirituality Centre in Daxi, Taoyuan, to see how the principles of sun-shading, heat dissipation and dehumidification are applied to architectural design to create a green church in harmony with Mother Nature. Do not miss this issue’s “People” column, as our Delta Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd colleagues have some exciting stories to share with you.


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