Innovative thinking and diverse strategies
Exclusive Interview with Mr. Dalip Sharma, President of the Delta EMEA

Text by: Brand Management Office

Our previous introductions of brand people included exclusive interviews with directors of the automation, infrastructure, electric vehicle units at Delta Group and its subsidiaries to help colleagues understand the company’s development direction and strategy. This issue of the brand bimonthly starts from the perspective of region. To cope with the organization adjustment of EMEA earlier this year, we have an exclusive interview with Mr. Dalip Sharma, President of the Delta EMEA. We invited him to share with us the EMEA layout, blueprint planning, and his over 15 years of working experience at Delta.

Meeting local conditions and ensuring market competitiveness with leading technologies
The EMEA scope covers Europe, the Middle East and Africa, which is composed of developed, developing and undeveloped countries. Mr. Sharma makes clear that there are opportunities in all regions and to gain synergies business must be developed with the appropriate operating strategies for different environments. This has been his long-term pursuit since he became the President of EMEA.

Before he took charge of EMEA, Mr. Sharma once worked as Delta’s General Manager of Delta India and was responsible for business operation and management. He has a very rich experience in market development and he applies this working experience to the new post. “It is the only way to listen to the customer and rapidly reflect market demands with outstanding research and development capability”. Mr. Sharma said that he had many opportunities on the frontline during his work in India. He spent a lot of time in cooperation with customers to understand market demand. Under his leadership, the EMEA will set two goals for the future. The research and development team must maintain close communication with the front-end business. Besides having a product road map connected seamlessly with the market, the R&D team is also expected to develop standard products and successful cases that can be copied everywhere. As Delta has gradually become the leading energy saving solution provider for product manufacturing, but a future key issue is to build a one-stop service platform.

As the EMEA plans for the future, Mr. Sharma considers the EMEA’s important strategic position in the business development of Delta. As policies and market demands in countries change rapidly, only improving technology and developing high-quality products ensures Delta’s consistent competitiveness. Delta’s success is based on choosing the right cooperation partners and creating core technologies that are difficult for competitors to copy. Delta has always insisted on building a favorable ecosystem and delivering an excellent user experience to end users.

Delta’s chief brand officer, Ms. Shan-Shan Guo ( 3rd from the left), Delta’s spokesperson, Mr. Jesse Chou (2nd from the right), Delta’s president for the EMEA region, Mr. Sharma (3rd from the right) and business managers in the EMEA region share innovative solutions with media at the 2019 Hannover Messe press conference.

Combine resources from everywhere and strive for business opportunities
With many years of sales experience, Mr. Sharma shares with us his EMEA business opportunities and development strategy. “The popularization of 5G will open up new business opportunities in telecommunication infrastructure, data center and other applications.” Business opportunities will develop in upgrading network communication, microgrids, renewable energy, telecommunication infrastructure, data center and traffic electrification, which are also Delta’s focus. As far as microgrid and renewable energy, Delta has projects under construction in the Middle East, India, and Africa, combining renewable energy systems and power conditioning systems to meet various usage needs. Delta also assists customers with the import of telecommunication infrastructure and data centers and match with the core technologies of edge computing. Delta’s electric vehicle charging development has also received attention from customers in the EU market, especially France. Mr. Sharma says that the EMEA is carrying out close cooperation with these BU/BGs to guarantee that product solutions match different market segments, and provide customers with an excellent user experience and high level of customer satisfaction.

“EMEA also has great potential in developing industrial automation businesses.” Mr. Sharma said. In addition to various IA hardware products, Delta will utilize 5G communication and integrate MES, energy consumption monitoring system, and data analysis to provide outstanding solutions of factory facility management, quality assurance and real-time alarm notification.

In terms of brand operation, Mr. Sharma also shared his opinion, “Delta can improve its brand image only by maintaining product competitiveness and coordinating with the environment and market opportunities of different places”. The product is the most direct brand communication tool, but the reason customers choose Delta is because of our differences from competitors. The goal we constantly strive for is how to guarantee our advantages and how to constantly improve the brand image to benefit Delta in the market.

Stick with the goal and try the best to create future value
With over 15 years of work experience in the Delta, Mr. Sharma shares his ideas, “Grasping any opportunity for change in the workplace can create infinite possibilities for your own future. When Delta purchased Ascom, where I worked at the beginning of 2003, I was allowed to make a small contribution to a large family.” He says that all levels must be linked together for the success of an organization. When he first became a member of Delta, he learned the products, solution development and business sales with the close cooperation of the director, colleagues and subordinates. This laid a solid foundation for his promotion to a managerial position.

"I am proud to be working at Delta. For me, the practical and innovative spirit of Delta had already existed in my genes.” At the end of the interview, Mr. Sharma encouraged his Delta colleagues with this remark.

Mr. Sharma (middle) with managers of the Executive Committee kick off a meeting of Delta EMEA.