Text by: Delta Taoyuan Plant 5

Tib Lin / Chief Engineer, ESDBD

In the blink of an eye, it has been nearly ten years since I joined Delta. In 2009, the company gave me a stage to “apply what I have learned.” At that time, the electric vehicle market just started, AEBU recruited vehicle R&D engineers in earnest. As I just completed my master degree in the Institute of Power Mechanical Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, and my major happened to be heat transfer and computational fluid dynamics, I was lucky enough to join the R&D Team, and began to enthusiastically apply what I had learned.

In the first few years when I worked at AEBU, I was mainly responsible for the design of vehicle battery pack mechanism and the development of thermal dissipation system, which laid a good foundation for turning to the large-scale energy storage system in the future. In 2011, Taoyuan No. 3 R&D Center was established, our department moved from Taoyuan No. 2 Factory to this new green building, and the environment and atmosphere became quite different. At that time, the factory occasionally held foretaste activities, in which employees could have a taste of green vegetables just in season cultivated by the plant factory on the 7th floor. The most novel thing was that the elevators in the factory were not only transparent, but there were also green atriums, creating a good working environment for employees.

Later, as a result of business integration, we began to cooperate with first-line vehicle manufacturers in Europe, and turned to the research and development of vehicle battery junction boxes. This cooperation was a very rare opportunity for me. At that time, I was sent to Germany for two months, where I learned first-class artisan skills and spirit, which helped me accumulate experience in new product development. Looking back at these days in AEBU, I would like to express my gratitude to three supervisors, Bai-Quan Zeng, Yuan-Kun Xiao and Sheng-Nan Cai, for their guidance and nurturing, which made me grow into an independent engineer from a confused new graduate.

At the end of 2014, Delta cooperated with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, introduced lithium battery technology and established the ESDBD. Due to some luck and fate, I came to Taoyuan No. 5 Factory. Under the leadership of Mr. James Chen, I began to try applying battery technology on the creation of multiple products. I often think that James is a dream maker who dares to get rid of habitual thinking and bring innovation into play. Just as on my first day in ESDBD, we were told to build an MW class energy storage container system. It was a daunting challenge for a team at its pioneering stage to research and develop such a large-scale system. Nonetheless, we bravely took the first step.

In the past few years, our department has built the system step by step from scratch. The supervisor has always allowed the team to freely make bold attempts, and I have to say that I have truly enjoyed the process of R&D here. Today we have a wide range of transnational and cross-sector cooperation opportunities for our energy storage products, and Delta's energy storage technology is also taking off in the international market.

As a family chef instead of an engineer on weekends, cooking has always been my interest; to some extent, cooking is very much like developing new products that requires creativity and good process management. In addition, I also love travelling very much. I especially appreciate the travel vacation system of Delta, which allows me to travel and explore around the world. My colorful life after work has been painted by making use of vacations for travels, such as going to Indonesia to climb a volcano and searching for vampires in Romania, and there are many other trips full of wonders.

Hiking in Switzerland during a vacation in 2018.

Posing with Delta’s energy storage container at the opening ceremony of Chiayi Green Energy Gas Station in 2019.

Johnny Li / Senior Engineer, ESDBD

The year 2015 was the busiest year and also the year full of changes. I had had interviews with many companies after I completed my military service, and Delta was the one that impressed me most. When the HR Department phoned to arrange an interview with me, the caller said happily, “We will not work next week during the vacation for travel!” I thought to myself, this was the company which I wanted to join. Later, I was fortunate to join MCIS BU of Delta Tainan Factory for the development of UPS power cabinet. The main product of this department was modular uninterrupted power system, which could integrate expansion and backup in a single cabinet, effectively solving the demand of customers with high power density and high power efficiency, and enabling cloud, 4G/5G and various media data streaming applications to operate in the IT-intensive world. When just joining, everyone was full of motivation and hope for the future. The average age of the department was rather young, and the work atmosphere was harmonious; we got along just like senior and junior students working with each other in the school laboratory. Everyone spent long hours together in the sea of screws, and grew up together when developing cabinets.

A few years later, there was another big decision in life, marriage. After getting married, I agreed with my wife to live and work together in northern Taiwan. I might have to leave Delta, but fortunately Delta’s multiple factory sites and close coordination between different departments allowed me to stay with this big family and continue my original experience in Delta. With the assistance of the HR Department, I joined the ESDBD and took charge of the design of the UPS battery cabinet. As this product was just the matching product of my previous department, I was able to continue applying my previous experience and learn new technologies. We developed and produced quite a wide variety of energy storage component products, ranging from lithium battery cell and lithium battery module to energy storage products of cabinet and container capacity levels. And these products have been marketed and sold worldwide. There are also many new things to learn in the work, such as understanding the circuit structure and collocation of new electromechanical materials and parts, which make my work more challenging and learning new knowledge and new technology more fun.

After work, sometimes I go shopping and watch movies with my wife. Sometimes I play ball games with my friends, and talk about stocks to earn some extra bucks. Striking a proper balance between work and play also makes me more motivated at work and more harmonious with others.

I would like to express my gratitude to Delta for allowing me to grow and meet a group of like-minded colleagues, and also to “BRAND” for giving me this

Work-loving Bo-Sheng, posing in the ESDBD office.

Herry Yu / Senior Engineer, ESDBD

I was only 24 years old when I joined the ESDBD of Delta. At that time, there were only a few lights on the pack production line, accompanied by a solitary table and several pieces of old equipment. The huge room seemed empty and the then energy storage industry was in its infancy. It was a bit hard for me to imagine what energy storage was at that time.

No one expected that three years later, we would have such a scale today. Every day we are busily rushing in and out, trying to satisfying the blooming energy storage needs. We have our own professional capability to design and produce energy storage products, including small ones such as lithium battery cell and lithium battery module, and big ones such as those of cabinet and container capacity levels. Coordinating and integrating with Delta’s products from other departments, we are able to provide customers with complete solutions. Our products are also exported to the markets in Europe, America, Japan and Australia, with applications covering smart grid output regulation, renewable energy power storage and UPS backup power supply.

I previously thought that a mechanical engineer would only need to prepare some drawings and fasten screws, but later I found that there were so many things to be learned in ESDBD. You have to understand the circuit, and learn to choose electromechanical materials, and also understand the system. There are a lot of things you have to start from scratch. Whenever I learned new skills, I always felt good, very satisfied! In these past three years in ESDBD, it has been just as I have lived in a box full of surprises. There are always amazing Easter Eggs to look for. As the industry is still a new one, there are always unexpected challenges and tasks happening, and new knowledge and technologies waiting to be learned.

When I was stressed out by cases, when the design was constantly challenged and faced with numerous voices of doubt, I also wavered and doubted myself. I am a girl, can I do as well as those guys? Fortunately, I have an unyielding personality, and I want to do better than you, just to show you! I also appreciate the warm companionship of many colleagues and partners around me when I encountered setbacks. From them, I have gained a lot of courage and strength to move forward, and I am also grateful to my supervisor for leading me all the way, keeping me from being scolded, and believing me, giving me chances again and again to explore, to try and to broaden my horizon.

I would like to express my gratitude to Delta for my change from once an ordinary person to what I am now with a somewhat not-so-ordinary life. I would also like to thank ESDBD for giving me the opportunity to watch each other mature, and grow stronger, wiser and kinder.

Dear partners, Leo, Johnny, Lynna, myself, Hom Rex, Johnson and Shingfa (from left to right)